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Published 6:50 pm Thursday, October 12, 2017

… Businessman appeals shutdown of east Rowan dirt track

David’s was one of the first homes built in that section of the subdivision. His “neighbors” built/bought their homes with full knowledge of the track’s existence. … David Eller is one of the finest people I know. He would not be running races on his property.

— Steve Troutman

… County board rules businessman violated zoning by building racetrack

Considering there is nothing else for kids to do in this area, I think it’s a great idea. I wish there was something in Rockwell for kids like this instead of a third auto parts store being built. Maybe if the kids had something to do in our area there wouldn’t be so much trouble.

— Jenn Stromberg

If it is zoned agricultural, I’d suggest that he start a hog farm. See what the neighbors think of that.

— Jeremy Anderson

I think this is crazy. Let the kids have fun and stay out of trouble. Did the four-wheelers break the noise ordinance? What about the loud cars on the road, or the sound systems people put in their cars or the loud mufflers?

— Samantha Corriher

Overreach of authority, plain and simple. The owner laid this out for his own personal use, not to make a profit. Would love to see him fight the ruling.

— Carla Rose

I could have sworn private property was something you owned and could do with as you chose.

— Amanda Evans

Unfortunately not. Just stop paying property tax and you’ll see who really owns it.

— Joshua Carpenter

Government needs to stay out of it. Rowan keeps running off decent, hard-working people and companies with all their crazy ordinances and decisions. Looks like they’d be more concerned with the crime rate than in telling someone what he can do with his land.

However, I know where he can get some pig poo to fertilize that terraced acreage before he plants his crops. Will probably want to fertilize it several times especially on Thanksgiving and Christmas while he has time off.

— Michelle Condra

My husband made a dirt track for go-karts when we lived on Jake Alexander, where Sacred Heart built their church. This was nothing but fun. Boys and their toys. Good memories.

— Laura Storey

This is ridiculous. There literally isn’t one single comment to support the county’s decision on this matter. I hope they appeal this or get really good revenge.

— Brittany Barnhardt

Come put one next to my property; we’ll gladly welcome you!

— Allen Roseman

It would annoy me if someone built a track like that right next to my house. Still, I feel bad for him. That had to cost a lot of money

— Matt Peachey

A large number of people at the hearing live 2,000+ feet away from this track and still couldn’t escape the noise by going indoors. And the majority of those people can’t even see the track from their homes.

Yes, there are gunshots, loud trucks and other things you would expect living in a rural area, but the noise produced from this track is nowhere near any of that. To put this into perspective, there were complaints all the way out on Stokes Ferry Road and Beagle Club from people who thought that these ATVs were in their backyard.

And to those people acting like this is such a great thing for kids, this track was built by and for a professional race team as a practice facility, not just some backyard fun like some of you are suggesting. It was only going to benefit a select few.

But my guess is most if not all of you weren’t at the hearing to see and hear the evidence. …

You absolutely should be able to do what you want on your property, but when that activity is a nuisance to dozens of property owners and prevents them from enjoying their property or even being able to have a conversation outdoors due to the noise, it is excessive.

I do agree that we need things like this for kids to do to stay out of trouble, but I think putting it right in the middle of two subdivisions is unacceptable.

I don’t know David Eller or his family, but from what I have been told he is a fantastic individual and I have no reason to believe otherwise. Sometimes fantastic people have lapses in judgment too.

— Amanda Fultz

What about the property owners around this that get the dust, noise and run-off from this? He and his neighbors in Kingstree have 40 acres — put it in their front yards. It is a pro motocross team, not a few kids playing around. And it’s against the homeowner association rules of the community. He knew this.

— Lucy Propst

… DuraFiber Technologies files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

The Salisbury plant was a real pioneer. It was one of the first plants designed to run continuously. I think the phrase was CP.

When it opened it was state-of-the-art. All previous plants were two-stage plants where PET chips produced offsite were melted and transformed into fibers. At Salisbury it was one continuous process.

It was a Fiber Industries plant. FII was a joint venture between Celanese of the USA and ICI of UK.

It was such a great plant. It is hard to believe that it is headed to the scrap yard.

— Al Thomas

President, Frankl & Thomas Inc. and a former small supplier to FII Salisbury

… My Turn, Steve Poteat: The ‘Civil War’ and other lies

Well written. The Morrill Tax is the actual cause of the beginning of the war with the North — a stifling tax that smothered the production of goods and monies earned by the South, only to be confiscated by the North. This caused the South to protect themselves from the aggressions of the North.

It was and is to this day a point of contention. It was a political and financial war, and for Lincoln it was the only way to keep the Union together.

— Dennis Johnson

This is all very interesting, and actually inspires me to read more about this history.

However, the fact remains that the Fame statue would better serve its purpose by looking over the very soldiers it was commissioned for in the cemetery where they are buried. Salisbury Indivisible certainly doesn’t want it destroyed, just moved to a more appropriate location.

— Jenni Pfaff

Agreed. Anyone can argue the point of “the war,” but the reality is such statues represent fallen Southern soldiers. It makes more sense to relocate them to look over the people it was created to represent instead of having it located in a prominent part of a progressive Southern city.

— Billie Cunningham

And which cemetery would that be? My ancestor was dumped into a mass grave in Maryland, where he was taken to suffer a horrible death after months in a prison known for intentional, inhumane torture.

A brother’s body is somewhere on the grounds of Gettysburg. The body of their other brother lies somewhere in the battlefield at Gaines Mill, Va. And that’s just from one family.

— Franda Raymer

… Granite Quarry woman sews 210 dresses for charity

What a beautiful and inspiring story. I feel challenged to do more for my church’s Samaritan’s Purse shoebox effort.

— Phyllis Yarbrough

Geneva is such a dedicated lady. She and Jerry are so organized and have everything planned ahead in their shoebox ministry. What a giving heart they both have.

— Janie Kluttz

… Letter: Clyde is a friend and a treasure

And he is an artist. I first met Clyde through my Rufty family — as a customer at O.O. Rufty’s Store and over the years at various occasions. His paintings have an oriental flair to them — and I gave one to a Japanese friend to remind her of her visit to our area — and capture the historical moment of simple homes and such … things he recognizes as having great value while others just drive by.

When my sister and I needed to sell some property, Clyde is the one I called from where I lived in Maryland to get it done. He had a buyer in just one day. He is connected and a connection through the webs of those who appreciate history, art, culture, and more. … He is an asset to the area and yet is probably very misunderstood by most. Clyde is a treasure to the area.

— Raye Rufty Ratliff

… Clyde: The Farmer’s Almanac and other signs of bygone times

Love this. Clyde, you continue to tell it like it is. I have my collards, lettuce and peas planted, and I live in the city. You can always find a spot to plant a few seeds or plant them in a pot.

I can remember seeing my daddy stand in the middle of his garden with his mix of green seeds and toss them up in the air. He always had a good mess of greens, and he went by the almanac.

— Melinda Setzer

… Local congressmen prefer delay on debate of gun-related legislation

So if now is not the time to talk gun control, exactly when will it be time? I am sick of these lamebrains always using the same tag line every time the subject must be discussed.

— William Moffitt

Our Second Amendment rights do not guarantee the right to mow down innocent human beings.

— Patricia Cooke

Simply gutless.

— Ralph Walton

I expect nothing less from Budd. He has no empathy for people, he is only concerned with protecting “his” rights. He owns a gun shop. What else could you expect from him? This call for human decency will cost him money.

“Bump stocks” have nothing to do with the right to bear arms. They are a legal piece of equipment that, when installed on a semi automatic rifle, make the rifle an illegal weapon of war. Bump stocks must be eliminated.

— George Benson

I applaud Rep. Budd for not being hasty and for wanting to do things in the right way. Any gun legislation would affect responsible gun owners just as it would those who have ill intentions. Remember that the Las Vegas shooter allegedly passed every background check that was run on him.

— Carol J. Carpenter

Richard Burr has benefited from $6,986,620 from NRA groups.

Thom Tillis, $4,418,012 from NRA groups.

Freshman Ted Bud $3000  from the NRA groups.

When you suck on the NRA’s teat, there will never be a good time to talk about it.

— Michael S. Young

When have we heard this before? When is the time? …

Was it after such tragedies at Sandy Hook in 2014, Mother Emmanuel in 2015 and Virginia Tech in 2007? Is our collective memory so short and attention span so limited as to be hoodwinked by warped versions of the Second Amendment?

The Second Amendment must evolve with technology and be implemented by forces that promote the general welfare of us all. The right to bear arms should not be an entitlement to commit mass murder.

— Reginald Brown

Same old stonewalling, just like after past mass shootings when it also was too soon to discuss gun control policy. If delaying discussion is not trying to score political points, then what is? Prayers are empty without action. Mass shootings have become the status quo. Serious discussion in government is long overdue.

— Barry Stokes

… After two hurricanes, Salisbury native says Virgin Islands need help

Excellent article. We feel like the red-headed stepchild of the States. We need help. Three weeks post-Maria and only 200 blue tarps have been put on roofless homes. There are thousands that need them; FEMA has really failed us.

— Cindy Salomone

Thank you for publishing the “rest of the story,” as many news reports stop with Puerto Rico. The U.S. Virgin Islands desperately need assistance. A 2018 vacation would be hands-down a great time to remember.

— Debbie Hamblen

… Hardin says he will take decisive approach

“Hardin said that the city cannot focus on business development until the crime and drug problems are solved.”

Chicken or the egg.? I am willing to bet if you develop business (and education), your crime and drug problems will lower. This is a point that seems to be terribly missed. Or, why can’t they be worked on in parallel? …

— Kent Winrich

Mr. Hardin … you mentioned an intended move away from recruiting manufacturing, and then list three very good reasons manufacturers should consider Rowan County — rail, water and interstate access.

As you know, Salisbury High School recently won a $700,000 grant from the Golden Leaf Foundation to help expand its career and technical education program, with the intent to “start an advanced manufacturing CTE program next school year. The program will include engineering, mechatronics and metals manufacturing.”

Also, RCCC prides itself on advanced, customizable training for, among other careers, manufacturing. These are all excellent selling points for manufacturing recruitment.

— Alan Rutherford