Letter: Thoughts on opioids and education

Published 12:15 am Sunday, October 8, 2017


Here we go again, opioids. A doctor gives a script of 10 patches for a month, to help ease the pain in a man. This dunce decides to put two on his back and chew two more. Don’t call the doctor after the first one didn’t work so the doctor could change the script. The man died.

Tell me how this is the doctor’s fault. The doctor gives a guy 90 Roxicodone for the month, three a day. Don’t call the doctor and say it’s not working. Take them all. Come on common sense, please.

Next, school scores. How many teachers have teaching degrees?

I have a great idea: The schools that are doing well, switch the teachers with the schools that are on the bottom of the list. Let’s see if it’s the teachers or the students. I have a child in the Rowan-Salisbury School System who had a math teacher last year that could not explain (the core), look it up and do your best. He didn’t know — how could he teach it?

Take out the computers, bring back the book.

Poverty, bull. Core classes, bull.

Let’s get back to reading (comprehension), writing (someone sign my check please), arithmetic, ya know add, subtract, stuff like that.

Now your paper needs to go to ABC, CBS, CNN, whoever and start to print the news; your paper is not worth putting in the bird cage.

— Michael Zimmerman