Letter: God loves North & South

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 6, 2017

It just came to me today, concerning the angel and the soldier in the statue uptown. Everyone knows that angels are of God. That soldier she holds up could have been a Union soldier. That soldier had a mother somewhere praying for him to be watched over by our Lord Jesus Christ. God loves the North and the South people all the same. And Jesus Christ forgives all our mistakes and sins.

That angel would have held up a dying Union soldier just as he would have held in his arms the Confederate soldier. That statute represents the love of God for all his children.

Wanting to take it down is based on pride and hatred, which God shuns. Jesus gave his very life so that we might forgive one another and come unto him and be saved.

I have never gone by that statue and thought of one hateful thing about the war between the states, North or South, one way or another. Slavery is wrong, but it’s all over now. Forgive one another. We are not supposed to hold grudges.

I have never believed in slavery and no other white person today does, either.

All of this uproar is not based on retribution for the blacks. It’s trouble to keep us all riled up and to hate each other. You all who are trying to take it down are full of pride and unforgiving. Satan is the author of confusion and hatred.

Jesus did not take sides. He said forgive and go and live in peace.

Just leave the statue alone.

— Pat Ray