Wes Rhinier says Granite Quarry must be ‘prosperous for business again’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 27, 2017

GRANITE QUARRY —  Wes Rhinier, a candidate for the Granite Quarry Board of Aldermen, says key issues concerning him are taxation, annexation and the town’s purchase of land along Faith Road for athletic fields.

“I want to try and help our town of Granite Quarry become prosperous for business again,” Rhinier said in his response to a candidate questionnaire submitted to the Post.

Rhinier, who unsuccessfully ran for the Board of Aldermen in 2013, is seeking a four-year term in the Nov. 7 municipal election. He is one of six candidates for alderman. Two seats are up for election this year belonging at present to Mayor Pro Tem Mike Brinkley and Alderman Arin Wilhelm.

Both Brinkley and Wilhelm are seeking re-election. Other candidates are Kim Cress, John Linker and Doug Shelton. Mayor Bill Feather was the only candidate to file for a two-year mayoral term.

Rhinier, 45, works as an information technology technician for Dillard’s. He served five years in the Air Force, where he studied electronics, and he was once owner of Sight and Sound Electronics in Granite Quarry.

Rhinier says “annexation has to stop,” and he claims the town has been trying to annex Gildan Yarns on Heilig Road. “I assure you if the town does this, Gildan will leave,” Rhinier said.

“I don’t think anyone in the town or county wants to see jobs leave here due to annexation.”

On taxation, Rhinier said a goal of his would be “to reduce or eliminate any tax that this board has control over and shrink the size of the government.”

“I think people are ready to have more money in their pockets and decide for themselves how their money is spent,” he said.

Rhinier said the town’s purchase of land along Faith Road next to the Renn Bee Farm is one of the biggest issues. “Numerous people have voiced their concerns over this, ” he said, “but most everyone says, ‘What were they thinking? Are they crazy?'”

Rhinier said the town should sell the property and give the bee farm proprietor a chance to buy it. “This would return the land to the tax base and help protect the bees in the process.” he said.

Rhinier and his wife, Elizabeth, live at 208 Brookstone Way. They have five children and are expecting twins Oct. 16. He has a Facebook page for the campaign: “Wes Rhinier for GQ Alderman.”