Letter: Will alcohol help county?

Published 11:27 pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Regarding “Earlier Sunday alcohol sales face another vote by Rowan County commissioners” (Sept. 19): There is little doubt that Rowan commissioners will eventually approve earlier Sunday alcohol sales. Proponents tout increased business and revenue.

If financials are going to be the criteria upon which such decisions are made, then all costs associated with alcohol — not just business and tax revenue — should be considered.

Let’s see, the NIH lists some of the social consequences as broken homes, increased physical and sexual assault, domestic and child abuse. Then there’s drunk drivers (30 percent of all driving fatalities), fetal alcohol syndrome, work absenteeism, reduced job performance and financial problems.

Unfortunately, there are no problems around here that will be helped by increased alcohol consumption. Based on economics, commissioners would be wise to stop Sunday alcohol sales altogether — maybe that should be the question they consider.

— Tim Deal