Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 17, 2017

1. Food for Thought, which each Friday sends backpacks full of food home with students in need, now falls under the umbrella of what agency?
A. Rowan-Salisbury Schools
B. Rowan Helping Ministries
C. Livingstone College’s Culinary Institute
D. First Presbyterian Church

2. At Saturday’s Germanfest at the Old Stone House, retired Judge John Holshouser played the role of what person from Salisbury history?
A. Michael Braun
B. Theo Buerbaum
C. Jethro Rumple
D. Dan Nicholas

3. Friends Reagan Helmbold, 9, and Paisley Miller, 8, recently celebrated their birthdays together. Instead of the normal birthday gifts, the girls asked those attending their party to bring what instead.
A. A monetary donation toward a new dog park in Salisbury
B. Canned goods for the pantry at Rowan Helping Ministries
C. Golf equipment that could be used for a new sports program for underprivileged kids
D. Items to help recent victims of hurricanes in Texas and Florida

4. The late actor Ralph Roberts, who appeared on Broadway, on television and in movies, will be one of four new people inducted into Catawba College’s Blue Masque Hall of Fame. Roberts also was known as the masseur of what famous actress?
A. Audrey Hepburn
B. Marilyn Monroe
C. Kathryn Hepburn
D. Ingrid Bergman

5. In July, a team from Gray Stone Day School in Misenheimer won a national title in what?
A. Marksmanship
B. Dominoes
C. Video games
D. Kayaking

6. For the sixth year in a row, members of the Kannapolis Fire Department competed in what event?
A. The Lake Norman Water Rescue Marathon
B. The Landis Fire Muster
C. The Lexington Reel Team Relays
D. The Charlotte Firefighters 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

7. Salisbury natives Alex and Phyllis Dandison were vacationing on what Caribbean island when Hurricane Irma raged through as a Category 5 storm?
A. St. Croix
B. St. John
C. St. Thomas
D. St. Martin

8. Which of these statements is true about enrollment in Rowan-Salisbury Schools?
A. It continues to decline
B. It continues to drop yearly by the thousands
C. The school system has seen an influx of about 800 students over the past four years
D. On average, enrollment in the school system has stayed the same over the past five years

9. The Boyden High Class of 1967 will make a Meals on wheels donation of at least $8,000 in honor of which of these classmates?
A. Franco Goodman
B. John Brincefield
C. Sharon Whittington
D. Janice Raper

10. What’s the likely name of a new downtown park slated for development in Salisbury?
A. Salisbury Commons
B. Cheerwine Centennial Park
C. Wallace Field
D. Bell Tower Green


Answers below:


1. B.
2. B.
3. D.
4. B.
5. A.
6. D.
7. D.
8. A.
9. C.
10. D.