Local Bridge with Myrnie McLaughlin

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 3, 2017

Who’s Jacoby?

At one of our games a player complained that a Jacoby 2NT bid wasn’t alerted. Those conventions marked in Red on the convention card that all players are required to have at the table, should be alerted. This bid is a 2NT response to partner’s major suit bid telling partner that he has 4 card support for partner’s bid and enough points for at least a game contract. An opponent who has a question about this or any bid can ask bidder’s partner what the bid means or he can check the convention card of bidder to see the meaning of the bid. It is also true that in the 2 over 1 system used by many, the 2NT response to partner’s opening major suit is an integral part of that system. If the opponents have announced that they play 2 over 1 they have technically pre-announced this 2NT jump bid. If after checking all these factors the opponents still feel they have been “harmed,” they may be entitled to an adjustment in their score. Players must be sure to alert 2NT or announce the 2 over 1 system. Call the director to be sure of your rights.

On Aug. 25 our Evergreen game participated in our first STaC competition. This game’s results are compared to the results of all games in the unit and winners earn Silver Master points at their home game. Congratulations to Judy Gealy and Fern Albracht who tied for 9-10 in A strat.

Winners in our home game were: N/S 1st Andra Cozart and Rachel Herman, 2nd Shirley and Ron Jeffers, 3rd Carol and Harold Winecoff; E/W 1st Fern Albracht and Judy Gealy, 2nd John and Myrnie McLaughlin, 3rd Becky Creekmore and Patty King.

Featured is board #16 from Friday’s game E/W vulnerable West dealer


S 3

H Q 8 2

D A T 9 5 4

C 9 8 5 2


S A J 6 5

H A K 9 6 4 3

D 7

C T 7


S K T 8 7 4

H J 5

D Q 8 6

C K J 4


S Q 9 2

H T 7

D K J 3 2

C A Q 6 3

Betty Bills and BettyBonner Steele had best N/S score defeating 4SE* 2 tricks while Rosemary Sokolowski and Joy Hamilton defeated5D*N 2 tricks for best E/W score.

The Aug. 29 Women’s Club winners: N/S 1st Patsy Reynolds and Beth Shafer, 2nd Shirley and Ron Jeffers, 3rd Dick Brisbin and Becky Creekmore; E/W 1st Wade Lowder and Fred Bachl, 2nd Judy Gealy and Fern Albracht, 3rd Margaret and Chuck Rimer.

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