Tamara Sheffield: ‘I want to have a whole city of ambassadors’

Published 12:42 am Thursday, August 31, 2017

SALISBURY — Tamara Sheffield says her campaign platform hasn’t changed much since she ran for Salisbury City Council in 2015.

Now that she’s running again, she said, the biggest difference in her ideology is that she’s “more passionate about being a positive ambassador for the city.”

“I know I’m already an ambassador for the city,” Sheffield said. “And I want to be so in an official capacity and I want to have a whole city of ambassadors. You know, all 35,000 of us need to be saying, ‘Man, this is a great place to live.’”

Sheffield, 47, has served as a member or leader on more than a dozen community and city boards. She is a senior key account manager for Frito-Lay.

Now she is hoping that she’ll be able to serve the Salisbury community in a more official capacity.

“I love Salisbury; there is no doubt about that. … And I want to keep giving back because I love it,” Sheffield said. “I didn’t get elected (in 2015), but I surely didn’t give up on the city. I think, if anything, it renewed my dedication to the city.”

Sheffield said that should she be elected, one of the biggest things she’ll try to do is get people to work together.

“We have so many people doing so many great things. But we seem to continue to work in silos. And I don’t know anyone better than me that knows how to get people connected to get stuff done,” Sheffield said. “That doesn’t mean that I always have the answer, but, man, I know somebody who might have worked on this somewhere else.”

Sheffield said that having people work together is particularly important because there is “no magic bullet” for issues like crime.

“But we’ve got enough smart people who can come together and make those things happen,” Sheffield said.

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