A Mother’s Choice Childcare Center: nurturing children around the clock

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 26, 2017


SALISBURY — Frankie Koontz-Lagrone has a passion for taking care of kids.

When she speaks of her experience as owner of A Mother’s Choice Childcare Center, located on Standish Street, her eyes brighten, her voice lilts, and many of her sentences are punctuated with laughter.

“(Our center) provides children with opportunities and experiences they may have never had before,” she said. “Taking them to the movies or the library. Watching their eyes light up — that’s what gets me coming back every morning.”

Koontz-Lagrone is the type of personality most parents would want caring for their children. Her warmth is reflected inside her year-old business.

Children are separated according to age in rooms that are painted in vibrant colors. On the walls are pictures of children and hand-painted murals in nursery rhyme themes. Staff members work with the children where they are and celebrate individuality, she said.

“When kids come here, they don’t have to worry,” said Koontz-Lagrone. “They know they’re going to be safe; they know they’re going to be cared for. It’s a joy providing that for them.”

Koontz-Lagrone has a background in child care. She was a teacher’s assistant and managed another child care facility in the Triad. When a friend sent her pictures of the center in Salisbury, the former location of Salisbury Rowan Childcare, she knew she had to have it.

“I truly believe that everything happens for a reason,” she said. “I know God had his hand in this because everything fell into place and moved along so quickly.”

Though the first year in business has moved at lightning speed, A Mother’s Choice has seen growth. It boasts an ever-increasing list of services for  parents and caregivers.

Koontz-Lagrone and her staff have offered after-school care as well as first- and second-shift care for children up to age 14. In February, the center began offering round-the-clock child care, accommodating parents who work third-shift jobs.

The four-star center is certified to handle as many as 100 children per shift.

Contact A Mother’s Choice Childcare Center at 980-330-3011.