Letter: Sanctuary city for Southern statues?

Published 10:54 pm Saturday, August 19, 2017

Why can’t Salisbury become the sanctuary city for Southern statues? I don’t want to lose my angel. America needs a place to preserve our heritage. Salisbury could be it.

God knows we have plenty of warehouse space available. Eventually, we could have a museum or park that would be famous throughout the South. How easy would it be to find? Veterans’ groups throughout the country would be proud to help.

Our statues need protection. There are many Southern cities with statues that we could rescue and would allow cities and states an out for the statue questions that face them. The South needs us. America needs us.

All history matters. We need to act. All Americans need to know history. Statues’ lives matter. I can’t lose my angel. Every time I drive by her I picture her carrying me to heaven. She doesn’t deserve the fate of her Durham friend. We can’t let this happen. Help!

— Michael Moore