Linda Beck: A sign of our good times

Published 12:05 am Saturday, August 12, 2017

By Linda Beck

Special to the Salisbury Post

There is no place like home! That is certainly true when you are traveling home in an ambulance from the hospital twice in one month.

I was almost as excited as a child when we turned into my neighborhood. As we rounded the curve, a sign in the yard of the first house on the right came into view. It read “Thank you Jesus.”

That is one neighbor I haven’t met, but that told me they must be Christians. Amen to that.

The following Tuesday when I went to Salisbury on the Rita Van Service, those signs were everywhere. I knew instantly that I wanted one in my yard. There are not many people this month that have had more reason to say “Thank you Jesus.” I rode my scooter to the neighbor’s house and read the small print on their sign.

It read “” On the internet, I learned the following: Lucas Hunt was 16 years old when he became the “brainchild” of the “Thank you Jesus” signs. He was from Asheboro and this was his Easter idea in 2016. Since then, he has sold thousands of the signs.

In the beginning, he sold many of them through his church, Hope Well Friends, and now he sells online or from his mother’s van. Proceeds go to programs such as church leadership training and homeless shelters.

His favorite Bible verse is Joshua 1:9: “Have I not commanded you to be strong and courageous? Do not be afraid for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Hunt told one reporter, “After these signs — wherever I go — I can see one of the signs, and it is pretty neat to see that (verse) come to life.”

My brother told me the signs are being sold at the Father and Son Produce Market on Sherrills Ford Road. I called the number and said: “Hello, my name is Linda Beck and I was told that you are selling the ‘Thank You Jesus’ signs. I would like to buy one but I’m not sure if I can get out that far on my one day on the Rita Van Service.”

The lady said, “Ms. Beck, I know exactly who you are and I love to read your stories. We come to Woodleaf often and I will be delighted to bring your sign to you when the order comes in.”

I met a new friend whose name is also Linda — Linda Hoffner. Along with my sign, she also brought three grandsons: Elijah, 10; Carter, 6; and Nolan, 6. They call their grandmother Loly and were very polite little guys. Loly had asked me if it was OK to bring her grandsons because she wanted to show them how you can do nice things for nice people. The boys were curious about why I was in a wheelchair, and I explained a little bit about multiple sclerosis.

When I asked Linda the names of the father and son who run the produce market, she looked at me and smiled. Then she explained that the family chose that name and it is really referring to God the father and Jesus, God’s son. I was quite impressed.

A friend from Madison called to check on me, and she said her husband has sold more than 200 of the signs at their business. He sells them for the same amount he pays for them. Noreen says the signs are everywhere there. Everyone in their little church probably owns one. At one point, Hunt had sold more than 60,000 and still selling hundreds. Amazing!

I’m not able to go to church, but I certainly thank Jesus through the many struggles I face day to day. Maybe people will see that sign and realize that I am a Christian and do love Jesus, even if I’m not in church.

Linda Beck lives in Woodleaf.