Back to School 2017: KCS uniform information

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 11, 2017

Uniform information for Kannapolis City Schools.

  • For kindergarten through fifth grade, students may wear collared shirts that are any solid color.
  • For grades sixth through 12th, shirts must be one solid color of white, black, gray, navy blue or green.
  • For all schools: Shirts and blouses may bear a thumb size or smaller brand logo; school logo shirts may be worn, or shirts with the Kannapolis “K” may be worn.
  • Cargo shorts are allowed.
  • Anything with a hood may be worn to school. However, the hooded garment must be taken off after entering the building prior to the start of school. At no time shall the hood be worn on the head while on the bus or inside the school building. Rules for wearing hooded jackets out to recess or other outside events will be handled at the school level.
  • Principals may allow spirit days. However, hoodies are not allowed to be worn inside school during spirit days.
  • Principals may approve exceptions to the dress code on special days. However, the following rules must be followed: dresses or skirts must be knee length or longer; shoulders should be completely covered if not by the top of the dress then by a sweater that is worn at all times; the chest area, back and midriff (torso) must be completely covered and ties and bow ties may be worn.