My Turn, Richard Roberts: Unaffordable care act

Published 6:37 pm Wednesday, August 9, 2017

For far too long, Congress has struggled with health care reform. There are two possible roads to take, the political or the business solution. The solution favored by the Washington elite is the political solution, which will not work. The political solution being offered will eventually drive out all private sector insurance companies, because it is impossible for insurance companies to operate profitably, while the public sector (government, single-payer insurance) has little concern for profitability. Politics drives out all other concerns. Taxpayers will be forced pay more and more for this government-operated, unaffordable boondoggle, the political solution.

Selling insurance to people with pre-existing conditions is not insurance but welfare, and until Congress understands this difference it will remain unaffordable or at best considered unsatisfactory, compared to private sector health coverage we remember from days past. Government would do better just not to compete in this area, where the private sector can do the job better.

Another concern should be those who feel they are healthy and therefore refuse to buy insurance or those who feel they can’t afford or don’t want to be forced to purchase insurance. Should these same people suddenly become sick or have an accident and then want to buy into government health care, this again is not insurance but welfare.

Universal health care coverage is not wise. First of all, it would be unmanageable for the government to oversee that all people were paying into this so-called tax. The man hours it would take just to verify the people are “paying our fair share” could not be accomplished without excessive management and endless hours checking.

If you think carefully, universal health insurance is not just another tax. It is insurance, and insurance is not a tax, even though Chief Justice Roberts ruled so. Universal health care as proposed is unconstitutional.

Insurance coverage is better left for the people to decide upon and not be dictated by politicians thinking “we know what’s best for you.”

Politicians need to forget universal health care and concentrate on how to accomplish medical care for those uninsurable and let the rest of the people buy insurance as they have in the past. There will always be people who seem to be unable to make decisions for their best welfare. Why should those who are able to make good decisions for themselves and  their family suffer financially for those who cannot or will not?

The last thing the people need is a government-operated “nanny state.” We may feel compassionately for these making bad decisions or those with pre-existing illness; however, responsible people have little control over people making bad decisions. Responsible thinking by government should be directed to solving this pre-existing illness concern.

One solution could be medical coverage for people with a pre-existing sickness, except the pre-existing condition is not covered. There could be a deductible of money or one of time, depending upon the seriousness of the illness. The question for government is how can pre-existing expense be successfully covered and not continually expand our gut-busting deficit?

We have fewer and fewer people working to cover those already retired, and the day is fast approaching when Social Security will no longer be financially viable for retirees. The government will not be able to cover this expense by printing money or by making electronic deposits to your account. Can we even imagine the financial chaos that would ensue?

Now is the time for government to find new paths to financial stability. We cannot just kick the can down the road and let someone else handle it. The possibility of cities, states and the federal government going bankrupt for inefficiently handling financial affairs is just not wise or competent.

Now is the time for action. Now is the time for business solutions, not political solutions. Now is the time for politicians to seek reform, not re-election. Now is the time for statesmen to love their country more their politics.

Now is the time to decide — will it be liberty, freedom and justice for the people, or the ash can of history where a government once spoke of a “government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Now is the time for leadership, not politics as usual.

Richard Roberts lives in Kannapolis. Send your My Turn submission to