Morgan Ridge again a part of Queen’s Feast

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Morgan Ridge Vineyards and Brew House is again part of the Queen’s Feast restaurant tour, now through July 30.

Their offering is unique in that it includes wine pairings. For $35, plus tax and gratuity, diners may choose a beef, chicken or vegetarian option.

The first course for all options is Brie de Créme in a Bouchée Shell with apricot, dragon fruit and muskmelon, paired with the new release of their 2016 rosé. That’s a creamy brie in a pastry shell.

The second course for the beef option is a bronzed seared scallop with popcorn shoots, drizzled with a cucumber beurre blanc, paired with the 2016 seyval blanc. For chicken, it will be a bronzed seared pork medallion with popcorn shoots drizzled with a cucumber beurre blanc, and the seyval blanc.

And for vegetarians, the second course will be a bronzed seared squash medallion prepared the same way.

Guests will then sample a chilled chambourcin and watermelon soup with a mint chantilly cream.

The third course will be a cocoa and coffee rubbed petite Chateaubriand, sliced thin and served with parmesan herb roasted potatoes, finished with a sauce chasseur and haricot verts, paired with a 2012 cabernet sauvignon.

The side dish of potatoes will be served with all option. The chicken dish will be a cocoa and coffee rubbed chicken breast sliced thin. The vegetarian option will be a cocoa and coffee rubbed portabella mushroom steak, sliced thin.

All guests will have the same dessert, white chocolate moose in an almond praline tuile cup with fresh summer berries, paired with the 2012 chambourcin. Reservations are required, along with a date and time, by visiting or calling 704-639-0911.

Wrap it up

Why wrap cucumbers in plastic?

So the thin-skinned varieties, such as English cucumbers, won’t dry out while in storage.

You should keep them wrapped in plastic for a longer life once you get home — the cucumber could last as long as 10 days.

Where’s the beef?

How long can you keep ground beef in the freezer and how should you store it?

If you’re just going to keep in for a couple weeks, put it in the freezer in its store packaging.

If you plan to keep it longer, wrap the whole thing tightly in aluminum foil or put it in a zip-top freezer bag.

If you always buy in bulk and freeze, a vacuum-sealing machine like a FoodSaver would be a good investment.

Keep the meat on the bottom shelf of the freezer to avoid contamination of other items in case of a thaw.

And most ground meat, feef, turkey, veal, pork and lamb should be kept for no longer than three of four months.

The meat will be safe after that, but will begin to lose flavor after long storage.

These tips on cucumbers and beef courtesy of