Letter: The lessons of history

Published 12:14 am Monday, July 24, 2017

Mr. Pickett, a history and nature teacher at Knox Junior High School, helped to bring the old Jacksonian Setzer School to Knox. As part of his Rowan County tour in 1963, Mr. Pickett pointed out the spot of the Lyerly murders, which took place at Barber Junction between Salisbury and Cleveland. During that time, the chimneys still stood on the land. In 2007, a book of over 400 pages was written by Susan Barringer Wells called “A Game Called Salisbury.” This book is over 400 pages, and is well worth the read by any person interested in the history of this event.
We need to learn about and understand the past events of our history; we don’t need to bury them. The key to understanding is why this event happened, and how we can learn from it so mistakes in justice like this one never occur again.
I am a firm believer in the old phrase: He who forgets his history is doomed to repeat it. It has been repeated many times in the form of court decisions that attempt to do what many in the public perceive as the right thing to do, but we cannot sacrifice the justice of our court system. No, our courts are far from perfect because verdicts are rendered by people who are not perfect, but we must give the system a chance to operate and that includes the right of appeal.
People must be judged on facts and not by prejudice.
— Gordon Correll