Letter: Sick of Russia and Trump bashers

Published 12:37 am Sunday, July 23, 2017

What do you think? I’m sick of hearing about Russia … if anyone wants to discuss it, I’d ask that a discussion re/Bill’s $500,000 speech and Hillary’s uranium deal, along with what sure smells like “pay for play,” be part of the discussion as well.

There’s no arguing that our relationship with Russia is contentious, at best. They have as many/more nuclear weapons than we do. They have the ability to easily annihilate us. Their presence is felt in most of the hot spots around the world. Their influence in many countries cannot be denied. Finding some middle ground with them is vital. I can’t believe that any person with half a brain would disagree with that. I’m so glad this president is taking any opportunity available to create an understanding and a relationship with Putin.

The liberals refuse give our president credit for anything! Including the fact that he’s become a billionaire due to his own abilities. I have confidence that he does understand “The Art of the Deal.” Funny, isn’t it … that we haven’t heard much negative about him and his business dealings, from the many business men and women he’s dealt with over the years.

— Kathryn Dews