North Main resident takes pet iguana on a downtown Salisbury walk

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 27, 2017

SALISBURY — Downtown is occasionally a place for leisurely walks, but none are quite as scaly as Patrick Flynn’s strolls.

With his vape in hand, Flynn, who lives in the North Main neighborhood, went for a walk through downtown Salisbury on Monday with his pet iguana perched on his head. As Flynn crossed South Main Street, he let out of a cloud of vapor from his e-cigarette. The iguana remained still atop Flynn’s camouflage hat.

The pet, named Skinny, is a green iguana. Flynn said he’s owned Skinny for a number of years and often takes walks with his pet. On Monday, Skinny was anchored to Flynn’s waist by a piece of black rope.

“There’s a shock factor,” Flynn said. “Sometimes, I want to buy an iguana cam to see what people’s reactions are.”

He said passers-by occasionally jump into the middle of the street to avoid getting close to Skinny.

Flynn said his pet eats kale, spinach and “sometimes me.” He showed off a scab from a Skinny-inflicted wound.

A self-proclaimed animal lover, Flynn also owns five dogs and two cats.

After speaking with the Salisbury Post, Flynn took another drag from his vape and continued on his walk through downtown.

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