Letters: An apology for Richard Hudson

Published 12:10 am Sunday, June 25, 2017

Indivisible Concord held a mock funeral procession outside Hudson’s office for his political career. This is a fact. But someone told Mr. Hudson that we threatened his family. That is a lie.

I do understand why he was upset as I too would be furious if someone threatened my family. I do not know why anyone would say such a thing and I am sorry for the angst that caused him. I suggest he check his inner circle.

I know no one in my group threatened his family — in part because of who we are and in part because no one in my group has developed any relationships with his staff — despite close to 100 requests for meetings, some personal, some as a small group, a formal petition mailed to the DC office and an attempt by groups throughout his district to hold one district wide town hall. Most requests were ignored. A few were told that they would take down our name and get back with us.

Please let me be clear: We held the mock funeral two days after Trumpcare was passed in the House, with no discussion, with no analysis by the budget office, and with a celebration at the White House. Thousands of North Carolinians from communities decimated by loss of textile mills and furniture factories are negatively affected by the bill he voted for and celebrated before the impact was assessed. It was indeed our hope that his political career will end with the 2018 election.

— Gail Young