Letter: 10 years after annexation, still awaiting water, sewer

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It is the 10th-year anniversary since we have been annexed into the city of Salisbury. We were annexed July 1, 2007, by the “yes council.” Now we have the “tax council” in office.

But we still don’t have any city water, city sidewalks or storm drains. So why should we pay any more taxes for things we don’t have? Since Lane Bailey has been city manager, all he does is raise taxes.

I think this election time, let’s vote for a new council. Let’s vote the tax council out.

I forgot; we do get our garbage picked up every Monday.  I now pay $1,400 a year for that service. Before being annexed, I paid $200 yearly. This is the only city or county service that we don’t get. I will give the county credit that they did not raise taxes this year. But the city did raise taxes.

I forgot to mention we do have streetlights. I worked with Vickie Elderman and got 60 percent of property owners to sign a petition so we could have streetlights.

Remember to vote next election for people with common sense that work — not people that don’t care.

— Charles Black