Power Cross Ministries hosts day camp with hopes of expanding to Salisbury

Published 12:14 am Monday, June 19, 2017

By Anna Grace Thrailkill

SALISBURY — On Friday morning, over 300 students gathered at Salisbury High School to have a time of fellowship, Bible study, sports, food and foot washing because of one organization: Power Cross Ministries.

Power Cross is a sports ministry that is based out of Statesville, but the organization is hoping to expand to Salisbury soon. The ministry focuses on organizing activities with male students that include teaching them about athletics, feeding them, helping them with their homework after school and doing consistent Bible studies with them.

Natalie Storment, who founded Power Cross with her husband Jeff, said that their mission is to get kids involved in a program that encourages them to do the right thing, and to make the right decisions according to the Bible.

Storment explained that the main purpose for having the three day football camp in Salisbury was to help Power Cross become more established in the community and to make a positive impact here. 

“We thought that this would be a good way to introduce ourselves to the community. We had 160 kids signed up, and more than 300 came. It’s amazing to see what God is doing.” said Storment. 

Power Cross also had several NFL players that came to the camp — Earl Watford, Tim Worley and Mark Kelso were a part of the event, instructing drills and teaching Bible studies.

“Coach Worley taught me how to run fast.” said one student, Rashaun Brown.

Mark Kelso, former player for the Buffalo Bills, was at the camp instructing students in drills and encouraging them.

“We’re teaching them to have faith as their foundation,” said Kelso, “It’s about meeting the spiritual, physical and academic needs of the kids. It teaches them the importance of loving their neighbor, respect, integrity and humility.”

Power Cross also partnered with the Make An Impact Foundation, as well as Samaritan’s Feet International for this particular camp.

The Make An Impact Foundation provided funds to buy shirts and shorts for the kids involved in the camp, and Samaritan’s Feet International brought shoes to give to students.

In addition to bringing shoes for the kids to wear, Samaritan’s Feet Ministries also had volunteers washing the feet of all of the students at camp, referencing the time in Scripture when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.

Bryan Boan, the digital media marketer for Samaritan’s Feet, said that the action of washing the feet of the kids, as well as giving out the shoes, is a great vessel to share the message of Jesus with the young students.

“There was one kid who came here today with two different shoes on, and we got to give him a brand new pair. That was really cool,” said Boan.

Storment said that Power Cross hopes to expand its longterm ministry to Salisbury as soon as the organization finds the right location.

“In all of this, we just want to encourage these guys to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” said Storment.

To find out more about Power Cross Ministries, go to Facebook or visit their website at www.powercross.org