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Dr. Magryta: Complaining, part 2

Last weeks article about “Complaining” brought out some interesting questions which I thought worthy of a follow up article. The questions were: 1) What can we do to stop the potential hippocampal shrinkage? 2) Is complaining caused by nature or nurture? 3) Can we change our ways as complaining humans?

1) To stop or reverse any neurological injury that is not a structural end stage defect, I think of the work of Dale Bredesen and Terry Wahls. Both of these cutting edge researchers have taken a functional system’s based medical approach to reversing and controlling two severe chronic neurological disorders, Alzheimers and multiple sclerosis. After reviewing their work multiple times, I think that the principles that they apply to their patients would be the best path to take to reverse any hippocampal injury that could have occurred from chronic negativity and stress. For the purposes of this article, I will not go into the details of the studies. See the links below for details.

The major goal of these protocols is to supply the human cells with all of the nutrients needed to repair previously damaged tissue. This is the key to longevity and repair for all animals on the planet. It is rooted in providing large volumes of fruits and vegetables to the gut as well as targeted nutrients that are deficient especially vitamin D, zinc and iron.

Watch the TED talk with Dr. Wahls to get a visual/verbal understanding of the mechanistic process to heal the brain.

2) Complaining is likely a combination of both nature and nurture, however, I would lean heavily on nurture. I think that many children and adults model the behavior that they are surrounded by. It takes a very strong individual to always maintain a positive attitude in the face of chronic complaining. Hence, the antidote for this issue is to surround yourself with positive people that influence you in the right way. It is very clear to me that you become an amalgam of the influences in your life, therefore, choosing quality individuals to spend time with is paramount to your success and happiness.

3) Once a complainer, not always a complainer. As I discussed last week, Stephen Hawking was able to shift his perspective and complain less which ushered in a new state of peace and opportunity for him. It takes choice and desire.

If you look at the work of The Adult Chair with Michelle Chalfant or Carol Dweck with praising the process and not your innate ability, anyone can change. I am 100% convinced of this! It takes serious desire to better oneself. You must want it. Combine that with a support system that encourages you to not be a complainer and you are on your way to change. When people support your process of not complaining, it will only embolden you to stay the course. Surrounding yourself with five smarter and happier people than yourself is a great place to start. The key here is that you have to start the process for success. YOU have to choose to be around people that support you and then choose to change.

I have never seen success in an unwilling participant.

10 things to do to improve your life and stop complaining:

1) Next time you feel a complaint coming on, stop, pause and perform the 4/7/8 breathwork technique.

2) Wake up and before you start your day, meditate on three positive things that you are grateful for this day.

3) Tell yourself that life is not fair, however, you are going to be the change that makes unfairness irrelevant. You will control your narrative by choice.

4) Eat lots of energy full foods that improve your overall mood. Try to avoid flour and sugar based foods.

5) Never stop educating yourself. Read constantly. Feel the power of knowledge and enjoy the debate of life with others. You can safely release frustrations in a debate without being a complainer about self.

6) Remember to focus on the process and do not fear the failures. Change takes time.

7) Choose your friends wisely. Make sure that you are looking up at quality and not down at complainers. This is not a zero sum game. We can have a collective consciousness of happiness.

8) Read Dale Bredesen’s article and really seek to understand the principles of health and longevity.

9) Exercise often as it is the best stress reliever and induces many hormones and chemicals that are great for your brain.

10) Sleep well to consolidate good memories and positive thoughts. I like a device called a Spoonk to lay on before I doze off.

Feed your positive side more than your dark side and you can’t help but expand and grow,

Dr. M

Stress and Memory

SPA Article

Wahls Protocol TED talk

Dale Bredesen Protocol

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