Letter: If Democrats want to win, they’ll have to change their message

Published 12:11 am Sunday, June 11, 2017

Democrats: the political party of good will and bad strategy. Few would say the party’s monumental goals — which include ending world hunger and poverty— are anything less than honorable. So why do Democrats continue to lose, especially in NC?

Democrats’ foremost fault is their attempt to de-legitimize Trump’s presidential victory. Even if Trump used Russian interference to steal the election and even though he was about three million votes short of Hillary Clinton, he won. For the Democratic party to restore balance to our state and to the federal government, it has to move past the election.

Once Democrats have successfully come to terms with the election, they must develop a stronger economic strategy. The Democratic party has become a beacon of social progress, and that is a fantastic accomplishment. Yet, the party’s lack of economic strategy alienates many blue collar voters. Republicans, meanwhile, have made aggressive economic policy a signature party platform. If Democrats would focus on creating a more economically friendly agenda, they would gain support from the libertarian movement by giving this movement the social liberalism and fiscal conservation it desires.

Another fatal flaw is the Democrats’ refusal to acknowledge what has plagued party’s loses since the 2000 presidential election: the campaign platform theme that American society is flawed and in need of Democrats’ holy guidance. President Trump offered to deal with Washington and fight for those who have been marginalized. Although you may not agree with the president, he promised solutions to problems most Americans worry about. Clinton, on the other hand, routinely showed America its dirty laundry and it cost her the election.

Democrats can continue to sit on their high horses but they will also have to grapple with the fact that they only hold 13 state legislatures, 16 governor seats, 44 U.S. Senate seats and 193 House seats. Perhaps it’s time to get off those high horses and walk around down here with the rest of us.

— Tarik Woods