Editorial: Another great year for Pops at the Post

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kyle Petty put it best.

“Salisbury is such a cool town,” Petty said when he posted a tweet on Sunday. “I was honored to play (with) this talented group of musicians. Weather was perfect, crowd was huge.”

Petty, the featured guest for this year’s Pops at the Post, performed alongisde the Salisbury Symphone during the concert.

With just a few whisps of clouds in the sky, this year’s event was a success. It turns out 13 isn’t an unlucky number for Pops at the Post.

Like Petty said, the crowd was huge and the weather was perfect.

Whether you’re a fan of pops music or not, attending the annual Pops at the Post concert should be on every to-do list. Crowds routinely turn out in large numbers and music echoes through downtown Salisbury.

The Salisbury Symphony is one of Rowan County’s gems and Pops at the Post is a Salisbury staple.

The event, which is completely free, started in 2005 as part of the Salisbury Post’s centennial celebration. So many people came to the first performance that it turned into a community event.

We hope Pops at the Post continues for many more years. We’re also excited to see how the event changes once Robertson Community Initiatives completes the planned downtown park, which will consume the parking lots where Pops at the Post attendees tailgate for hours and sit during the concert.

It’s unclear exactly when the downtown park might be complete. However, the former bank building — last occupied by First Bank — could be torn down this summer, says Robertson Community Intitiatives consultant Jason Walser.

It’s our hope that, if it’s done in time for next year’s Pops at the Post, the downtown park improves the annual concert.