Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 4, 2017

1.About 40 Salisbury residents attended a community forum this past week in which they voiced frustration with city officials about several issues, including the shooting investigation into Ferguson Laurent’s death. They also laid out a list of five solutions to help build trust. What is the name of the community group that organized this meeting?
A. Making Salisbury Accountable
B. On Guard
C. Jury of Our Peers
D. Justice in Salisbury

2. N.C. Department of Transportation officials say they will try to reduce the number of accidents at the Salisbury intersection of Jake Alexander Boulevard and Morlan Park Road by doing what?
A. Putting four-way stop signs at the intersection
B. Closing Morlan Park Road at this spot and making it a dead end from the other direction
C. Installing a traffic light
D. Installing a median on Jake Alexander Boulevard that will prohibit left turns onto JAB from Morlan Park Road

3. Rowan County officials have been surprised by a budget request representing nearly an $8 million increase in funding over last year. What entity asked for this 228 percent increase in funding from the Rowan County Board of Commissioners?
A. The Rowan County Parks Department
B. Rowan County Social Services
C. The Rowan County Tax Supervisor’s Office
D. Kannapolis City Schools

4. Rowan County leaders plan a community forum June 23 in which participants will split into groups and work on strategies that lead to improvements in nine focus areas. Led by Rowan County Commissioner Greg Edds, this effort is being called what?
A. Growing Rowan
B. Start Your Engines
C. Revolution Rowan
D. Battleship Rowan

5. This weekend’s D-Day Remembrance at the Price of Freedom Museum includes an exhibit on loan from the N.C. Museum of History. What topic does this seven-panel exhibit address?
A. Life on the home front during World War I
B. The Persian Gulf War
C. The War on Terror
D. North Carolina’s wartime governors

6. Members of First Presbyterian, a predominantly white church in Salisbury, and Crown in Glory Lutheran, a predominantly black church, have been meeting regularly in groups and as individuals in trying to learn more about each other. What have they called this effort?
A. Breaking Bread
B. Beyond Sunday
C. Conversations in Faith
D. Paving the Way

7. In August, 25 students from the East Rowan High School Honors Chorus will sing on stage in Charlotte with a notable rock band from the 1980s. What band is it?
A. Journey
B. Foreigner
C. Bon Jovi
D. Guns N Roses

8. East Rowan High graduate Devaniel Dale, who now attends Western Carolina University, was named the Southern Conference Freshman of the Year in what sport?
A. Track
B. Tennis
C. Golf
D. Baseball

9. Jay Baker, a battalion chief with the Salisbury Fire Department, will be participating in his sixth Carolina Brotherhood Ride later this month. What will Baker be riding?
A. A motorcycle
B. A four-wheeler
C. A bicycle
D. A Freightliner truck

10. Eric Tyler, a South Rowan High graduate, recently concluded his baseball career at East Carolina University, where he was a first-team All-American Athletic Conference selection at what position?
A. Third base
B. Catcher
C. Shortstop
D. First base


Answers below:


1. D.
2. D.
3. D.
4. A.
5. B.
6. C.
7. B.
8. A.
9. C.
10. A.