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… Rob Christensen: GOP crafts a message to UNC with a chainsaw

It is obvious that the GOP feels that an uneducated public remains their only recourse regarding maintaining their power. They will find that once this undereducated swarm figures out that their ONLY game is to continue to fund the super-rich, they are going to turn and the result will be less than optimum for their party and for our great country as a whole.

Gene Nichol has been a tireless advocate for all of the citizens of North Carolina, particularly those that need a hand-up.

The GOP continues to be on the wrong side of history and defunding education is only more of their same short term thinking.

— Lewellen Daniel Padgett

This is unethical and unfair and what we have come to expect from our own N.C. government. They use their power and purse strings to strike down anything they don’t agree with.

— Debra Hubbard-Pastore

The social contract is definately being rewritten. I just don’t remember giving my consent.

—Brian Pfaff

Ever consider the possiblility that the NCGA is reflecting the views of those who fairly elected them?

— Bruce Stanley

… Why in the world would we grow rhubarb?

Growing up in Virginia, I had a friend with a mother who was raised in Germany. She would cut rhubarb into chunks and slowly stew it on the stovetop with lots of sugar. We’d then put it in a bowl and add cream. It was delicious!

— Gregory Shields

… Granite Quarry Faith Police looking for teen wanted for bank card theft – Salisbury Post

My poor sweet boy has taken a wrong turn. He needs help to get back on the highway to sucess. Somebody please lift him up. If need be take his hand and guide him and I will continue to pray for him.

— Cynthia M. Sloan-Bailey

… Prep Track and Field: East’s Faller to Lenoir-Rhyne

So proud of you, Faith. You are a beautiful child of God who has used her gifts in amazing ways. I am praying that you will blossom at LR!

— Jennifer M. Ginn

… Rowan County Airport Director takes job at NC DOT

Thanks, Thad for doing an outstanding job for the citizens of Rowan County. Your knowledge and leadership will be sorely missed, and your replacement will find big shoes to fill. Best of luck on your new position and Godspeed.

— Craig Pierce

… City prepares for report on Laurent killing

Perhaps the city council members can show up at both meetings: the people’s assembly on Tuesday and their very own press conference on Wednesday. It would be a welcome showing of good faith transparency, and trust-building at a time when those things would benefit Salisbury the most.

— Jeff Morris

No. The city will not engage in a meeting where they can not ensure favorable media, control all aspects of the meeting and thereby lead hand-selected individuals into a pre-ordained decision that is properly supportive of “our heroes at city hall.” What’s pitiful is the mayor’s claim that she does not know what the decision is. She doesn’t even have a hint and is already calling the black faith community to a “settle-down” meeting? She should resign before she causes a riot.

— Todd Paris

I don’t know who gave this interview to the Salisbury Post or released this letter to the press, but they should resign immediately. I’ve seen some not so smart decisions made by the city council, but this one is probably the worst I have seen. Transparency is one thing but stupidity is another. Common sense did not play a part in this decision. Hopefully you haven’t thrown your officers or the district attorney under a bus in advance. Learn to keep your mouth shut until the approiate time and let the ones that should speak, do the talking.

— Phillip Bradshaw

… Longtime teacher Jason Brilliant changes careers – Salisbury Post

The most conscientious and humble Christian leader that I have ever had the honor of teaching with. Jason, I pray that God give you a joy beyond all understanding

— Billy Mills

Jason (and Michelle), we love you and your family very much. I am blessed to call you “family,” and we as a church body are blessed to have you serving in this capacity!

— Rhonda Suther Whitaker

… Young entrepreneur makes gourmet dog treats

My dogs absolutely adore these treats. I purchase extra to give to other dog owners. Keep Ella in mind as the treats make great Christmas gifts, support a great cause, and encourage a lovely, mature entrepreneur.

— Melissa Eller

… Letter: Don’t worry — Trump’s just getting started

America is a wonderful country that’s ruled by its citizens, who elect fellow citizens as civil servants to work for good. Somehow, we have confused this vision, and become an oligarchy, ruled by billionaires whose only aim is to fill their own pockets. I believe it is a disservice to the soldiers we claim to honor this Memorial Day to allow this usurping of our country to continue. Impeachment is moot now. It’s time for a trial.

— Jenni Efird Pfaff

The only problem is, unless “we the people” do something quick, the poor won’t have anything at all left to give to the Donald and all his billionaire buddies.

— Ralph Walton

What is to come is far worse than what has already happened. I only pray that our democracy will still be standing when he is finally taken down. I am convinced the Russia scandal will eventually take him down, but will it be too late? There are too many smoking guns, folks, for there not to be a huge fire of misdeeds directly at Trump’s feet. The worst day in this democracy was when we let Russia tamper in our election and put this disaster in the White House.

—Pat Bullard

The sooner this man is removed from office, the better. He and his cronies want to see the elderly and poor die. This will come either from lack of food, medical care or both. His ignorance is a national embarrassment, and I can’t see how the American people will let it go on much longer.

— Robin Hager

… County discusses creating property tax fee for trash

What percentage of Rowan County taxpayers bring their garbage to these centers or the landfill each year? What percentage only bring a couple of occasional loads that no where near equal that $10 a year in fees? I can only speak for myself, and antecdotal evidence does not create a concrete conclusion, but I can count on one hand the number of times I visit one of these convenience centers each year. Take out my trips to drop off motor oil, and I can count on one hand the number of visits I’ve made in the past 15 years. I am sure I am not alone in this. Make no mistake, this is just a ploy to fill county coffers by taxing everyone for a service most do not use. This is what socialism looks like at the local level.

— Eric Shock

I think this would be difficult to impossible for some people to even accomplish.

It’s enough of a problem for me to roll my two bins to the place I have to leave them. My house is on S. Church, but I have to roll them down the so-called driveway to Monroe St. because there’s no access from my house to Church St. because of a bank with a huge drop-off, dangerous concrete steps and a fence belonging to the neighbor on the other side of the house that makes it impossible. Yeah, I think it’s a terrible idea, too. The only time I’ve been to the center on Julian Rd. was when I had a bunch of plastic and/or paper that was easier to load into the car than to roll the 225 steps to the curb. Yes, I’ve counted them.

— Carol J. Carpenter

As the owner of multiple parcels, would I be taxed $10 on each parcel or is this $10 per property owner? Most of the parcels I own are open land and lots which generate no garbage.

— Susan Campbell Myers

I don’t think “a tremendous amount of planning and study” is necessary. Just adopt Iredell County’s program. They already have this and it works wonderfully for residents. I’m all for it.

— Patty Bishop

No more taxes!!

— Tonya Wilhelm

I think it’s​ a good idea, and support it.

— Darin W. Dearth

… Growing Rowan: A call for community collaboration

Computer science should be taught in the same way as English language arts and math. Kindergartens can be taught simple coding, which, when built upon thru a solid curriculum, can result in high school graduates who are fluent in programming languages. This is workforce development that will attract businesses of all kinds. Many elementary school librarians are already teaching coding. Let’s build on that.

— Suzanne Crockett

Edds’ ideas do sound good, and I will acknowledge they could very well be a step in the right direction. However, a big piece of the success would be the end of the old “county vs. Salisbury” mindset that exists among many.

— Eric Shock

There is a survey in the Salisbury Post that asks, “do you wish Rowan County’s population to grow?” It’s tied at 50 percent in favor 50 percent against. The county just received a request from Kannapolis School system for $8 Million. Like it or not, this community will have to grow or the tax rate will make it undesirable for growth. I just hope this is not a slap each other on the back and say good job and then leave it be.. We have empty spaces in the Rowan Summit, uptown Salisbury and the mall. We have available space in our business parks throughout. the county. Lets get them filled with retail and high paying jobs.

— Mark Lyerly

… Ashley Farmer celebrates her community, craft and the Billy Jonas Band

Thank you so much for this great article! I can’t tell you how excited we are for the concert on Saturday! It’s an honor and a privilege to have been asked to perform for such a worthy cause!

— Ashley Jo Farmer

… Letter: Traffic around Webb Road flea market is out of hand

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve barely avoided a wreck from people pulling out — like you said — thinking that since you are on that road, you are automatically going to flea market. I agree — it has become a traffic issue that needs to be addressed.

— Patti Safrit

… Letter: Tough decisions made in small time periods

Everyone knows that officers sometimes have to make split-second decisions, though 1/100 is a considerable exaggeration. That does not mean we have to ignore the choices leading up to that split-second. Too often, it was the decisions of the officers that created the situation where lethal force was “necessary.” We have every right, indeed an obligation, to expect discretion of those to whom is given the authority to use deadly force. Officers can’t simply shoot first and ask questions later or turn arrests into executions. It is because of that expectation of discretion that police officers and soldiers are to be honored, and to lower expectations is to dishonor them.

Given that there is a split-second between life and death, how is a person in their home supposed to respond when someone breaks down their door and comes in with guns drawn? Would not their first instinct be to defend themselves, and is that not their right? They are not at leisure to wait and see if the intruders have badges. Perhaps “shock and awe” is not how officers should be conducting business.

—Luke Hamaty

… City officials challenged on warrants

I don’t know about anyone else, but if I had attended this meeting that was supposed to help engage the community I would have felt intimated by the presence of someone wearing a “Black Lives Matter” shirt. This is a group that is known on multiple occasions to advocate violence and hatred. What if it had been a KKK shirt? Would the community be upset? Let’s drop the prograde and get down to basics.

— Richard E. Wagner

A common misconception about the Black Lives Matter movement, which is expanded upon on the BLM site:

“The movement hates white people. The statement “black lives matter” is not an anti-white proposition. Contained within the statement is an unspoken but implied “too,” as in “black lives matter, too,” which suggests that the statement is one of inclusion rather than exclusion. However, those white people who continue to mischaracterize the affirmation of the value of black life as being anti-white are suggesting that in order for white lives to matter, black lives cannot. That is a foundational premise of white supremacy. It is antithetical to what the Black Lives Matter movement stands for, which is the simple proposition that “black lives also matter.” The Black Lives Matter movement demands that the country affirm the value of black life in practical and pragmatic ways, including addressing an increasing racial wealth gap, fixing public schools that are failing, combating issues of housing inequality and gentrification that continue to push people of color out of communities they have lived in for generations, and dismantling the prison industrial complex. None of this is about hatred for white life. It is about acknowledging that the system already treats white lives as if they have more value, as if they are more worthy of protection, safety, education, and a good quality of life than black lives are. This must change.”

  Anthony Smith



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