To learn more about your pet, plan a visit to the library

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 14, 2017

By Marissa Creamer

Rowan Public Library

It’s been a long day; deadlines are piling up at work, you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning, and you have no idea what’s for dinner. What a relief to finally be home, where you are greeted by your faithful pet, who is so excited to see you and hear about your day.

Most pet owners would agree that the love and companionship a pet offers creates a valuable emotional bond, and view their pets as members of the family. There is growing evidence that pet owners enjoy specific health benefits as well, including lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and triglyceride values.

“The Healing Power of Pets: Harnessing the Amazing Ability of Pets to Make and Keep People Happy and Healthy” by Dr. Marty Becker explores this phenomenon. According to the author, those with pets have fewer doctor visits, shorter hospital stays, and even an easier time adapting to a new routine of recuperation after an illness. In addition, pets help combat depression and isolation through their role as a social ice-breaker. This book combines scientific discoveries with personal stories of the special bond between pets and their owners.

If you have ever wondered “Why does my cat always want attention when I’m on the telephone?” or “What’s the best way to give my cat a pill?” you should check out “Catwise” by Pam Johnson-Bennett. A certified cat behavior consultant, Johnson-Bennett answers the cat behavior questions most asked by puzzled pet owners.

She addresses correcting unwanted behavior by helping you see the situation from the cat’s perspective; behavior that you may view as spiteful is actually a cat behaving naturally and trying to solve a problem. By understanding your cat’s motivation, you can begin to change the unwanted behavior.  She touches on everything from litter box issues to environmental enrichment in a practical manner and offers guidance in dealing with issues such as introducing a new cat to the home and traveling with or without your cat.

If you are part of the almost 50 percent of American households that include a dog, you will enjoy “Being a Dog: The World From Your Dog’s Point of View” by Karen Wild. Written from the dog’s perspective, this book is based on the latest research to give you insight into your dog’s world. If you’ve ever wondered how your dog views humans or himself, or what makes him sad, you will find the answers here.

You probably aren’t surprised to hear that dogs are physically wired to pick up on humans’ subtle mood changes, but did you know that dogs are more nearsighted than humans? “Being a Dog” offers perspective into the life of your dog from puppyhood through the autumn years.

There are a growing number of pet owners in the United States, where about 68 percent of all households report owning a pet, and there is no shortage of books on the subject. Whether your loyalties lie with dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents or reptiles, Rowan Public Library has a wide selection of books about pets for your information and enjoyment.

Summer Reading Registration: Opens Monday at headquarters, 201 W. Fisher St; East branch, 110 Broad St., Rockwell; and South Rowan Regional, 920 Kimball Road, China Grove. There are three age categories: Children (newborns-rising fifth-graders), Teens (rising sixth- through 12th-graders), and Adults (ages 18+). In addition to tracking reading hours, 2017 Summer Reading festivities include special programs and a variety of prizes. Contact your nearest branch for full details.

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