Downtown Salisbury trees removed as sidewalk renovations begin

Published 1:33 pm Monday, May 8, 2017

By Josh Bergeron

SALISBURY — City crews on Monday removed a number of trees downtown and began sidewalk renovations.

The sidewalk renovations will be done in the 100 block of West Innes Street, which starts at The Plaza building and ends at the Salisbury Post and county administration buildings. The sidewalk renovations are expected to take eight to 12 weeks.

In preparation for the sidewalk work, city crews removed trees on both sides of the 100 block of West Innes Street.

Trees won’t be replanted until the fall, the city said. The city’s Tree Board selected a replacement species from a local nursery. The city said the trees cannot be replanted immediately after the sidewalk improvements because of weather conditions.

Sidewalk repairs are needed because those in the 100 block of West Innes Street have deteriorated, the city said in an emailed statement. The sidewalks in that block are not cohesive with those in other areas of downtown, the city said.

City workers and contractors will replace the concrete sidewalks with a mix of concrete and brick pavers.

“Every effort will be made to ensure businesses are impacted as least as possible,” the city said.

The sidewalk improvements will cost $150,000. If funding allows, enhancements may also extend into the 100 block of East Innes Street, the city said. Later, more sidewalk improvements will stretch to the Innes Street bridge.

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