Students create battery recycling program

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 4, 2017

Salisbury Academy

SALISBURY — Salisbury Academy students are taking the protection of soil and water resources into their own hands.

After discussing soil and groundwater in a recent science unit, seventh-grade students learned about the dangers of battery toxins leeching into the ground and water resources. They learned that if batteries are disposed of properly, the negative effects on the environment can be largely avoided.

“We were just talking one day and realized how none of us were properly disposing of our batteries,” said student Will Webb. “We decided that that needed to change.”

Putting their thoughts into action, students drew up plans for a school battery disposal program. Two containers have been ordered — one for household batteries and one for rechargeable batteries. And the used batteries are already coming in by the bagful.

To raise awareness and stir up enthusiasm for the new program, seventh-graders visited other classes at Salisbury Academy to promote proper battery disposal and motivate the school community to take part.

“We’re doing this to help the environment and make our future cleaner,” said student Wade Robins.