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Talkback: What online readers say about …

… Warren proposes limited ID cards for undocumented immigrants

This is an excellent idea. When you come get your card, they can deport you.

— Jamey D. Lowe

What is going to be on the ID card of an illegal immigrant? I thought it was a crime to hire an illegal?

— Michael Bawden

The only “state-issued” identification any illegal alien/undocumented person/anchor baby requires is a one-way ticket to where they are being deported.

— Andrea Reynolds

Now North Carolina is on President Trump’s radar. Go get them! It is a known fact that illegals use fake or stolen IDs. People who work at DMVs are not educated enough to figure that out. Lets have an INS officer at every DMV.

— Brenda Butler

…Hardin won’t run for second City Council term

There are many things that I’ve disagreed with Mr. Hardin’s opinion on, but I’ve valued his alternative positions on the City Council, and I respect his positions. Politics are a nasty spouse, and while I can’t blame him for wanting to step back, his voice will be missed.

— Eric Shock

I appreciate the leadership of anyone who is willing to step forward and seek public office. It is a tough expectation in this political climate. But, hopefully, Salisbury will have some more leaders step up to the plate, willing to be accountable for making such decisions.

— Jeff Morris

The city and county need people like Craig Pierce and you. And your comment below also applies to other departments in the county:

“I think that I have really made an impact. I know I’ve rubbed people the wrong way, but I think I’ve brought an awareness to this city that it’s not this lovely, little, historic, ‘everybody kumbaya’ burg.”

I appreciate that you tell people what they don’t want to hear. How else can we make improvements to a failed system?

— Barbara Hart

I have said for years that Salisbury is not a Hilton Head, Gatlinburg, Savannah, Charleston or vacation town no matter how some would like to present it. We need to dwell on safety, education, gangs and making Rowan County a better place to live.

— Margaret Brown

Councilman Hardin, you will truly be missed. You exposed many years of hidden agendas in just one term. I salute your efforts and I appreciate all that you have done; and I am sure that you sleep well at night.

— Chris Sifford

Sadly, that is why they are out to get him; he was spilling the beans about the establishment.

— John Collins

… Attorney hired to investigate employee complaint against Hardin

One’s character is developed in a variety of ways. It’s important to remember, however, that while we all have the right to defend our character, how we defend it will either enhance or diminish it.

— Regina Dancy

Looks like the investigation will reveal the details. I don’t see any fault here that Mrs. Alexander should be responsible for. Due process is due process. Mr. Hardin will get to face his accuser at some point and its pretty clear its not Karen Alexander.

— Brian Pfaff

… West End revisited

Thank you, Ms. Walker, for this balanced article. In 1996, I worked with city leaders where we held a series of collaborative community dialogue sessions on the West End to address gangs, drugs, abandoned houses and escalating gun violence.

Over 20 years later, in 2016 and 2017, we’re holding community dialogue sessions discussing how to address the same issues that have gotten progressively worse.

Progress? I’m tired of meeting and talking. I’m only interested in strategies and action plans.

— Kenny Hardin

… Political notebook: Carl Ford stokes criticism with sarcastic Facebook post

Ford’s post was disrespectful towards many of his constituents.

Posting a meme mocking his opposition because there are some that comment disrespectful things is not the right way to approach the issue. Nor is it the right way to settle any issue at hand.

— Holden Sides

Our family only wishes that folks like Ford could focus on issues that make us better as a whole. A living wage, a healthy environment, strong infrastructure, equality for us all, and tolerance.

You know, like the principles that Jesus wished for us. All of us.

— Lewellen Padgett

This post was deplorable and not representative of an elected official elected to represent all the people in his district. We all pay his benefits and salary, and posts like this make him look like the only people he represents are the ones that have his same belief system. Not true!

There are Republicans and Democrats that do not agree with his unconstitutional waste-of-time bills or posts like this.

— Veleria Levy

Some ideas and or beliefs should not be tolerated. These are racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, fascism, etc.

Mr. Ford’s job as a public servant is to represent all the people, not only the ones who look like him and/or believe as he does.

He seems to be more interested in suppressing some people’s constitutional rights and freedom. Why is that?

— Chris Borre

… Letter: Rep. Ford takes courageous position on marriage bill

I’m wondering why Mr. Ford has a photo of a woman on his Facebook page that he uses as an example of a liberal, when he is, in fact removing any responses that he does not like or agree with. When I looked this afternoon, it said there were 107 replies but I only saw four.

I made the point that we need differences in society to keep our society a true democracy, but I guess he would prefer we all think and be alike. You know, like North Korea.

— Marian Latimer

He removed posts that contained profanity and threats.

— Larry Jones

Actually, he removed several posts that simply disagreed with him and didn’t include profanity and threats.

— Karen Puckett

Ford removed my comments, which did not contain profanity or threats. I foolishly didn’t save my comment, but my Mom wrote on his wall and did think to make a copy. Here’s what she said; please let me know what you think is profane or a threat:

“I am a tolerant liberal, living in North Carolina. Your duty as an elected official in N.C. is to defend the Constitution. If you want your own version of biblical law, may I recommend you start a church?”

The comment was deleted and my mom was blocked within two hours.

— Scott Neidich

Larry Jones, I don’t care if my cat gets married. You should concern yourself with weightier issues: the state of the world, poverty, employment, to mention a few.

— Georgia Honeycutt

… Salisbury hires deputy police chief, veteran of Greensboro force

I think this man (Greensboro Police Capt. Shon Fitzgerald Barnes), along with our current chief of police, is going to make a huge impact in the Salisbury Police Department. I’m excited to see some positive changes in our city! Congratulations, Deputy Chief Barnes. Welcome to Salisbury.

— Gina Flynn

Just what this city needs. With a knowledgeable police chief and active citizen engagement, it will make difference.

— Cynthia Sloan-Bailey

I grew up with Shon Barnes and I never heard anyone say a negative word about him! He treated everyone the same and would help you in any kind of way. Shon always carried himself with grace and dignity. I truly believe that Shon Barnes is the right man for the job.

Congratulations, Shon, and may God be with you and your peers and keep everyone safe. I know you will serve your city proud.

— James Williams

I hope this gentleman can make a change in the city of Salisbury.

— Derrick Foxx

Quite a loss for the city of Greensboro but a huge win for the city of Salisbury. Capt. Barnes is a true professional who is dedicated to serving the citizens of his community.

— Gerald Walden Jr.

I’ve heard great things about Capt. Barnes and his involvement with the Greensboro community. I know Salisbury will be proud of the work and the positive changes he produces.

— Paige S. Jackson

… Friends, classmates of family lost in accident try to process the tragedy

I am so saddened to read this — so heartbreaking I pray for the family, for the loss of this beautiful family. They are with God now. I pray God’s peace be upon all of you at this time.

— Donna Routh

I recruited and hired Christine years ago into Cloud Sherpas, and have worked with her through our acquisition by Accenture and with her recent transition into her new role in our group so that she could spend more time with her family. Christine was an absolutely wonderful friend and colleague and will be missed incredibly by her colleagues at Accenture Cloud First. We send our love to their friends and family during this awful time.

— Misty Sutton

… No decision on Fibrant after second straight day
of meetings

There was a special on PBS about small towns joining forces to provide high-speed internet to bridge the digital divide. This could possibly be a way of making Fibrant solvent. Join forces with the municipalities of the county and form some type of co-operative and extend Fibrant throughout the county. F&M Banking Operations Center Granite Quarry I’m sure could use high-speed internet for its operations. Freightliner in Cleveland could probably use it, also. Food Lion and Aldi. All of the schools, libraries and colleges could definitely use it. http://www.pbs.org/…/small-towns-join-forces-to-bridge…

— Mark Lyerly

The sale of Fibrant would be a loss for the city of Salisbury and its citizens, both monetarily and opportunity-wise. What it needs, and has needed from the beginning, is strong leadership that isn’t hampered or micro managed by the human resources department or the City Council/city manager.

They never have marketed this product outside of Salisbury in any consistent manner to attract companies and individuals that could benefit from the fastest internet and economically priced service. There is no reason, seven years into this, that we have not landed any small tech companies from areas around the country where the cost of living is tenfold and have less arts and culture than we do.

This advisory committee should look hard at making recommendations to keep Fibrant, change the management structure and come up with a powerful marketing plan so it can be what it was designed to be. It was designed to be a tech magnet to help bring Salisbury into the 21st century by attracting companies with employees having higher than state average pay.

… We have a substantial investment in our future here that could be parlayed into something huge. Let’s not squander it.

— Greg Rapp

… Bank building approved for demolition, paving way for ‘town commons’

So happy this is happening! This will add some much-needed green space to our downtown.

Can we now have a conversation about adding a parking structure somewhere near the square? With the destruction of 100+ parking spaces in such close proximity to downtown, the “there’s no parking” argument will become reality. Thirty-seven spaces along Fisher are a good start (and a good idea) but not enough.

— Roy Bentley

… A park for the people

It may sound to some like a non-park use, but the need for parking downtown is absolutely critical. While I applaud the idea of a park, the possibility of creating a new attraction for people without also creating an appropriate amount of parking seems more like a gift which can only be used by residents of the immediate neighborhood rather than a true public-use park.

More parking would expand access to downtown and increase foot traffic to shops and restaurants. Check out how Charlottesville, Va., rejuvenated its downtown with a parking deck. Add a park, sure, but make sure that there is parking too.

— Bill Bucher

Alexandria, Va., did the same thing.

— Reginald Brown

I still would like to hear from the city or the Robertson Foundation on any plans for salvaging the building before demolition. There are certainly materials present that can benefit many, including re-use in other building projects or in the park for walkways or seating. …

— Sean Meyers

I sincerely hope that the plan for the new downtown park includes restroom facilities. The City Council supports and promotes downtown businesses, but the council continues to ignore the need for public restrooms. Look at the towns that have successfully revitalized their downtown areas. All of them have provided a public facility for this basic human need. It isn’t rocket science. Our city leaders chose to ignore the problem. Small downtown business cannot be expected to provide this service to the public. Hopefully, the park planners will realize the need.

— Karen Bowyer


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