Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 16, 2017

1. The 1902 Washington Building, which has undergone a big transformation inside, owes its name to President George Washington’s having spent the night in Salisbury on this same site. What was the name of the place where Washington stayed during his 1791 visit?
A. Mansion House
B. Yarborough House
C. Bates House
D. Ford Hotel

2. So plans for a park or town commons could proceed, the Salisbury Historic Preservation Commission voted not to stand in the way of the demolition of what downtown building?
A. The 1839 Salisbury Female Academy (Wrenn House) on South Jackson Street
B. The old granite service station at East Innes and South Lee streets.
C. The 1850 Session House at West Innes and South Jackson streets
D. The 1973 former First Union National Bank building at 215 W. Innes St.

3. What organization or business is behind plans for a downtown park?
A. Downtown Salisbury Inc.
B. Central Piedmont Builders
C. Historic Salisbury Foundation
D. Robertson Family Foundation

4. In meetings this past Wednesday and Thursday, city officials and members of an advisory committee heard presentations from companies interested in purchasing, leasing or managing Fibrant, the city of Salisbury’s cable utility. How many companies are said to still be in the running?
A. Three
B. Five
C. Seven
D. Nine

5. Friends and patrons of Sweet Meadow Cafe, a 30-year restaurant in downtown Salisbury, have resorted to an internet fundraiser and video presentation to help the restaurant keep its doors open. Why might the restaurant have to close?
A. It owes $15,000 in business taxes
B. A loan for $50,000 has come due
C. The owners face massive medical bills and do not have health insurance
D. The owners must make $20,000 in repairs to theirĀ building or face eviction

6. The owner of Bounce City has filed a libel and defamation lawsuit against Salisbury attorney Todd Paris and Steve Mensing, the owner of the blog for which Paris sometimes writes. What’s the name of this blog?
A. La Resistance
B. Rowan Free Press
C. The Liberator
D. Salisbury Scene

7. A descendant of President Andrew Jackson, Andrew Jackson VI, spoke at the 44th annual meeting of Historic Salisbury Foundation this past Wednesday. In what years did Andrew Jackson study law in Salisbury?
A. 1767-68
B. 1784-87
C. 1800-02
D. 1810-13

8. N.C. Rep. Carl Ford, R-Rowan, made news this past week as was one of four House members introducing a bill to outlaw what in North Carolina?
A. Same-sex marriage
B. Hunting on Sundays
C. Speed boats on High Rock Lake
D. Alcohol sales on Sundays

9. An unusual thing happened last Sunday to 89-year-old Etta Poole while she was riding a golf cart in a wooded area near Lower Stone Church Road. What was it?
A. She was grazed by a bullet from target shooters
B. She was hit in the head and knocked unconscious by a wayward golf ball
C. Her golf cart struck and killed a deer
D. Her golf car went down an embankment and flipped over into a stream, but Poole was not hurt

10. Who has been re-elected as chairman of the Rowan County Democratic Party?
A. Nell Sowers
B. Lorene Coates
C. Geoffrey Hoy
D. Veleria Levy


Answers below:


1. B.
2. D.
3. D.
4. A.
5. A.
6. B.
7. B.
8. A.
9. A.
10. C.