Kannapolis honors telecommunicators

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 11, 2017

KANNAPOLIS – The Kannapolis Police and Fire departments are recognizing the telecommunicators who handle thousands of emergencies each year within the city and surrounding area.

Telecommunicators dispatch police officers, firefighters and medical units and coordinate with neighboring agencies.

“Our telecommunications personnel work behind the scenes and are sometimes overlooked and underappreciated,” says Police Chief Woody Chavis. “They work diligently under stressful situations to keep our emergency personnel and citizens safe. Their professionalism, compassion and skills are unrivaled. We want to recognize and honor them for the fantastic job they do each and every day.”

In 2016, the Kannapolis police telecommunicators answered more than 15,000 emergency calls. The main function of the Communication Center is to answer the immediate needs of the public and emergency first responders.

Telecommunicators are trained to respond to a wide variety of emergencies that may arise each day. They must be able to get information from 911 callers while reassuring them and sending emergency units to assist them.

National Telecommunicators Week is held in April each year.

Here is a list of telecommunicators who staff the Kannapolis 911 Center: Heather Clay, Haley Josey, Johnny Caudle, Anglea Yates, Jason Goodman, Susan Martin, Hollie Morton, Candice Wilhelm, Heather Wagner, Shari Whiting, Samantha Tomeck, Jennifer Frieze, Megan Baker, Tanesha Lockett, Katherine Pohlman, and Ashley Bare.