My Turn, Gerald Yates: Life is good in Rowan County

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 10, 2017

I have always found work and a place to have fun in Salisbury, Rowan County.

I really enjoyed planting the 500 daffodils at my home and working in the JFHurley YMCA garden.

As a child, my parents, Wayne and Maxine, brought the family to T and F BBQ on Council Street for a delicious meal to enjoy. I had fun eating at the same time my father had a good time drinking Budweiser. Restaurants in Lexington did not serve drinks with a meal.

I remember a teenager in the kitchen, Richard Monroe. We always had to stop at the package stores on the county line. I guess the historical society saw no benefit in preserving that part of the county history. More fun was found at the original Chicken Shack. Lexington High School students had an hour for lunch. Students would speed to Spencer and return with those awesome batter-dipped french fries.

I remember the waitress, Thelma. My neighbor, Marshall Hughes, took me to the new location. We went to pay the bill. Marshall was short one penny. The cashier expected the penny. Marshall quickly gave her a $100 bill and the cashier took her penny. I guess the new building had a mortgage.

Marshall introduced me to another exciting location — The Wagon Wheel. I wanted everyone I knew to dance and socialize at the Wagon Wheel. I was friends with a secretary from Davidson College. I took her to the Wagon Wheel and had fun watching her facial expressions. She was not in her typical high society surroundings.

I enjoyed working for Pepsi Cola when it was located on Long Ferry Road. It was interesting delivering soda to two blind merchants: Mr. Lentz in China Grove and Mr. Von Cannon in Gold Hill. I remember Food Lion on Avalon Drive and Mr. Hess, Food Lion in Rockwell and Mr. Taylor and Winn-Dixie and Mr. Cruse.

So when I decided to relocate, the choice was easy — Salisbury-Rowan County.

I have the J.F. Hurley swimming pool and hot tub. I have the greenway and sidewalks for riding the bicycle.

I have the Skinny Wheels bike shop if need repairs. I have the City Lake and Dan Nicholas Park.

Gerald Yates lives in Salisbury.