Education Briefs

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sacred Heart’s second grade teacher, Jill Hurysz, has been stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit of our her students. She asks them: What is a consumer?  What are goods or services?  What is supply and demand?
During their final, her students created an original marketplace. First, students had to develop their product or game to sell — bookmakers, spirit swords, rosaries, handprinted shells, garden seeds, Easter egg paper weights, frisbees, ping pong toss and more). Then, they had to decide their price and how to market their goods. Booths were assembled, and finally the marketplace opened. There was a flurry of action — buying, selling, negotiating and marketing of products. Students sold their goods for tickets that they, in turn, could spend at other booths.  
“I love lessons that my students really get excited about,” Hurysz said. “They have prepared for several weeks. What fun seeing brains thinking and faces smiling. And such creativity!”

Sacred Heart students exchanging tickets for goods at a marketplace, put together as part of a class project. Submitted photo

4-H club visits Trinity Oaks

On Friday, March 17, the East Equine Explorers 4-H club went to Trinity Oaks after school for a special service project.

We wanted to do something fun and creative for the residents of the assisted living area. We decided to decorate their walkers and doors with beautiful and festive spring items. We brought ribbon, streamers, flowers and feathers, and spent the afternoon decorating for them.

I think the residents enjoyed it and our club heard very nice responses from the residents who were excited to have us visit. Some of them commented on how much they liked their decorated doors and walkers and they even invited us to stay for their St. Patrick’s Day party.

We were also able to practice our 4-H speeches for the residents during the party. We had so much fun doing this service project and spending time with some special people in the assisted living of Trinity Oaks. We hope to do something like this again.

This brief was written by Jaysa Causby, a club member. 

Jaysa Causby