Granite Quarry Elementary hosts second Science Night

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 23, 2017

GRANITE QUARRY — Granite Quarry Elementary School hosted its second Science Night on March 16. Students filled classrooms and the gym to explore and discover just what it’s like to become a scientist.

Students and parents as well had a hands-on experience with stations throughout the school. They tried experiments such as Gross Goo, in which they learned to create a polymer by mixing different substances together. The substances created a chemical reaction, causing the liquid to become denser and forming a rubber goo.

They also tried fingerprinting, which helped them learn to become detectives and explore the three main fingerprint patterns — whorl, arch and loop. Digging deep into the Earth, students discovered the differences in rocks, minerals and gems and learned different strategies to classify rocks based on hardness.

Through Science Night, the school was able to connect students with science, technology, engineering and math experiences to help spark an interest in science.