Ann Farabee: Soak it in

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 25, 2017

So, I have been ‘soaking in’ some information about good old sponges that we use to clean with every day. No, I am not kidding. Yes, I am aware that my life is extremely exciting.

Sponge facts:

• They are porous, which means they are full of pores that allow things to expand, stretch and pass through.

• They can recover their shape, if they lose it.

• They can be cleaned, bacteria removed, and re-used.

• They are very accessible — easy to find and inexpensive.

Sponge purposes:

• Remove unwanted things. (Like old wallpaper)

• Protect valuables. (By cushioning them while in storage)

• Repellent. (Some have compounds that act as pesticides, getting rid of things that ‘bug’ you)

• Remove dirt. (Just wet the sponge, add a little soap, and clean away the dirt)

• Absorb odors. (Add baking soda to the sponge)

• Deep cleaning? (Sponges can be used to make scouring pads)

• Want shine? (Sponges can polish)

• Need growth? (A sponge at bottom of a plant absorbs water and helps it grow)

• Seed planting needed? (Place sponge underneath, give it sun, and add water. It will sprout. It will grow. It will spring forth!)

• Scratches need removing? (Toothpaste on the sponge can do this)

• Use it all — extend the life! (A sponge can be used to hold small pieces of leftover soap)

• Need more beauty in life? (Nail polish can be applied with a sponge)

• Injured? (Freeze a wet sponge and it makes an ice pack)

• In pain? (A sponge with a little mouthwash can help that toothache)

Yes, the sponge may appear to only be a light, yielding, porous, fibrous skeleton, especially of the group Spongia and Hippospongia, from which living matter has been removed, but it has many purposes, absorbs water, becomes soft when wet, and yet retains toughness.

I especially like how sponges can remove the unwanted, cushion and protect the valuable, repel those things that may ‘bug’ us, remove our dirt, absorb our odors, give us a deep cleansing, put the shine back in our lives, provide us with growth and seeds in our lives that spring forth, remove those old scratches, bring beauty in our lives, use our leftover pieces for His purposes, take away our pain, and heal our injuries. Hmmm? Sounds like what Jesus did — and still does — for me.

It may be hard to ‘soak in’ the info in this column, but after you ‘absorb’ it, you may want to ‘squeeze’ it out — by sharing the ‘good news’ — or as I like to call it — the ‘God news’ — with others.

Ephesians 2:5 When I was dead in sins, I was brought to life with Christ. By grace was I saved.

Ann Farabee, writer, teacher, and speaker, has taught in Kannapolis City Schools and Mooresville Schools. Contact her at or visit

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