Letters to the editor – Tuesday (2-21-17)

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Law of hospitality has requirements for guests, too

Being biracial, with four nationalities and numerous religious influences, I do appreciate the value that immigrants bring to the American landscape. In fact, most Americans are proud of their immigrant roots and do not mind welcoming new people.

But most of us also want people to enter through the appropriate channels, adopt our predominant language, customs, culture and way of life, not fight against everything that makes us “American.”

Feel free to share your original culture, religion and way of life, as long as you do not encroach on or harm others. What is troubling is having hostile groups come in and demand that their new host country assimilate to them, which is wrong and very disrespectful. And we have a serious problem with caring for people with no respect for our laws, while Americans, particularly veterans, are homeless and denied adequate medical and mental health care.

This is a clear violation of the law of hospitality, one of the oldest laws known to man, which is universal. The host offers a refuge, while the guest respects the laws and customs of the host.

— Kelly Stuard-Will


East Rowan band director’s award well-deserved

Congratulations to East Rowan Band Director Emily McNeil for being named the 2017 National Association for Music Education Band Director of the Year.

As stated in the Salisbury Post on Feb. 16, the East Rowan High School Marching Band may be small in numbers (approximately 30 students), but they are giants in spirit, friendship, music ability and sportsmanship.

Those 30 students under the direction of Mrs. McNeil received numerous first-place awards during the 2016 marching band competition season against much larger high school bands.

Even more significant than their music, they received the highest trophy award — The Sportsmanship Award — several times, among all bands competing, some with more than 100 students.

Saying this only exemplifies the outstanding leadership and devotion Mrs. Mc-Neil has put into the music program and, more important, into the lives of all her music students.

Congratulations again, Emily McNeil, for being such an inspiration to your students — from a grateful grandmother.

— Anita L. Gumiela