Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 15, 2017

1. An autopsy report on the Salisbury Police officer-involved shooting death in November of Ferguson Claude Laurent said Laurent had how many bullet wounds?
A. Two
B. Five
C. Seven
D. 10

2. After the recent snowfall in Rowan County of at least 6 inches in many sections, the overnight low, recorded at the Rowan County Airport on the morning of Jan. 8, was how cold?
A. 3 degrees
B. 5 degrees
C. 9 degrees
D. 12 degrees

3. The Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education has chosen to go outside of Rowan County for its retreat Jan. 19-21. To what city will the board members be going?
A. Asheville
B. Chapel Hill
C. Myrtle Beach
D. New Bern

4. The Rowan County Board of Commissioners met last Thursday to discuss the future of the county-owned West End Plaza, which is the former Salisbury Mall. What was one of the bigger ideas proposed for the former mall?
A. A convention center
B. An indoor skate park
C. An aquarium
D. A Boy Scout adventure camp

5. What new fast-food restaurant is supposed to be coming to China Grove?
A. McDonald’s
B. Jack-in-the-Box
C. Burger King
D. Bojangles

6. For several years, Randy Elium and a group of friends have been stockpiling certain items for so they can be distributed to clients approved by Rowan Helping Ministries. What does Elium’s group stockpile and deliver to people in need?
A. Blankets
B. Kerosene heaters
C. Firewood
D. Coats

7. Livingstone College has applied for a special-use permit from the city of Salisbury to allow what on its campus?
A. An FM radio tower
B. A gas station
C. An acupuncture clinic
D. A weather station

8. The murder trial of Jeff Steen is now in progress in Rowan County Superior Court. Who is Steen accused of killing?
A. His wife
B. His aunt
C. His grandfather
D. His uncle

9. Bobby Parnell, an East Rowan High graduate who has pitched for the New York Mets and Detroit Tigers, recently signed a minor league contract and will be going to spring training with what major league team?
A. Baltimore Orioles
B. Kansas City Royals
C. Atlanta Braves
D. San Diego Padres

10. City Councilman Kenny Hardin would like to bring a new youth program to Salisbury. Which one?
B. Tim Duncan’s All-Stars
C. Tiger Woods’ Golf Challenge
D. Boys and Girls Clubs


Answers below:


1. D.
2. A.
3. B.
4. A.
5. D.
6. C.
7. A.
8. C.
9. B.
10. D.