Letters to the editor — Sunday (12-18-2016)

Published 12:19 am Sunday, December 18, 2016

NC legislators exploit tragedy in blatant grab for more power

Andrew Brock, Tom McInnis, Carl Ford and Harry Warren should be ashamed of themselves.

This week, the governor called a special legislative session to pass a relief bill for victims of Hurricane Matthew and the fires out west. The relief bill passed unanimously. Then — without notice — the legislature immediately reconvened to take away power from Governor-elect Roy Cooper.

Regardless of the wisdom (though it was foolish) of this blatant partisan power grab, we should all be concerned that our representatives used a tragedy to advance their own political goals.

Twenty-eight people died in the fires and floods. Twenty-eight families won’t have loved ones coming home this Christmas. Thousands of others have no home at all.

Senators Brock and McInnis and Representatives Ford and Warren looked at this tragedy and saw a political opportunity. They went to Raleigh this week with one goal in mind: to amass power for themselves while hiding behind disaster relief. Their efforts to exploit the suffering of our fellow North Carolinians for political gain were ultimately successful.

This is dishonorable and disgusting. If I acted so despicably, my mother might not invite me home for Christmas dinner. I hope that these elected officials feel shame for what they have done. More importantly, I hope that Rowan County voters hold them accountable for their conniving, dishonest, and exploitative behavior.

— Seth Morris


America has a lot of work ahead

What America needs, has to do, is quit looking at everything politically. Leave the Democrats and Republicans out of it!

Our country has problems. Our government is supposed to be looking after US! And for a long time, it has only looked after itself. WE are the owners of our country! We pay the government to look after our needs. We pay them well, too!

And what have they been doing with our money? What are we actually getting for our buck? Not nearly as much as they do or what they send to other countries! Not one member of Congress should have any health care different than we do. They are underworked and overpaid!

America, we have a new president, so deal with it. We have a screwed up mess that our previous leadership has left us. We have a chance to get back on track and fix a broken government. Only so many “Americans” have a problem letting go of the past. So many fear the future away from the past they were used to.

So deal with it! Put your big boy pants on and quit your whining! Hillary lost fair and square. End of that story. We have a new administration and a new president soon to be in charge. You either get on board and support them or take yourself out of the problem and the country and cry elsewhere.

America is our place to live and be proud of. We have hired a new team to take over our government so please allow them a chance and see what they can do! You are either a part of the problem or become a part of the solution. But quit your crying and acting ugly!  What has been left will take some time to make better!  Nothing great happens overnight.

— Art Liles

China Grove