Letters to the editor – Wednesday – 12-7-16

Published 2:44 am Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Children should not have to learn this lesson so young


Aching for the tragic loss of A’Yanna,  my heart is aching for the innocence it stole from our daughter. Instead of signing permission slips and decorating our tree, we prepped our daughter for an incredibly hard Monday at school. A classmate lost her precious life too soon, and the world is not as wonderful as we try to paint it.

Less than 24 hours after a gathering of peace and unity, some lowlife decided s/he was God and took a life. What motive is there to fire into a house other than attempted murder? Instead, the shooter stole youth, innocence and future — a future doctor, author or activist, a comedian, a teacher.

Our daughter screamed out for understanding. “But why? … She will never get to be a mom!” From the mouths of babes, our child’s logic and processing landed on the fact that some thug took this child’s chance at the greatest opportunity (to her) — motherhood. Nothing is permanent and nothing is guaranteed in this life, no matter how much we are loved.

I’m angry, I’m devastated and I’m ashamed. I am angry this upset our daughter, who spent summer days eating cheap icey pops, Takis and Capri Suns while tumbling in the grass and dancing the whip with A’Yanna in the soft long grass of Chestnut Hill. I’m devastated a child has to be dressed for final resting instead of a diva birthday party. And I’m ashamed I allowed myself to pretend we lived in a world where children didn’t have to worry about monsters after being tucked in bed.

Where are we, world? I don’t recognize this place we call home anymore. Maybe we should all be spending Christmas in heaven, it sure would be nicer than living in this hell hole we call earth.

— Elysia Demers


Spread Christmas spirit

This Christmas I will not be ruminating over how much English I am or how much German I am. I will be celebrating the birth of Christ and the true meaning of Christmas.

Every Christmas I love hearing Christmas music and “Silent Night.” It’s a joyous time of season for some and a sad time for others who are lonely and abandoned by their family.

So, this Christmas, spread the Christmas spirit. Give a few pennies to the Children’s Hospital or go out and visit a rest home. The Christmas spirit can be around all year long, not just one month of the year.

Make every day of the year Christmas. Treat people nice every day.

— Sterling Pless