Letters to the editor — Monday (12-5-2016)

Published 12:10 am Monday, December 5, 2016

It’s time for closer look  into Fibrant finances

I read the article in Sunday’s Post detailing the interviews with City Council members about their and Salisbury’s progress since the election. Only one Council member, David Post, discussed the elephant in the room, namely the Fibrant fiasco.

Council should ask themselves how much good they could do for our city, especially our police, with the $3 million per year necessary that is taken from our tax dollars/general fund to prop up Fibrant.

At a recent council meeting Mayor Alexander seemed surprised that there was no funding to update Fibrant’s aging equipment. How do you have money set back for upgrades if the losses are $3 million a year? If this were a private business it would be bankrupt.

Mr. Post states that he has taken a deep dive into Fibrant’s financials. He should share what he has found with the other members and get a plan to get out of this incredible tax dollar eating fiasco.

Our city simply does not have the tax base to support a tax increase to make up for the lost revenue being used to prop up Fibrant. All council members should take a “deep dive” into Fibrant’s finances. It is not going to get any better.

I am also very disappointed with the Salisbury Post in that your reporters haven’t done their own investigation of Fibrant. Your readers deserve the truth and something needs to be done about it now.

— J.R. Montgomery


Faithful Friends magic

Imagine … a word to conjure thoughts of magic, dreams and impossibilities. IMAGINE, the theme Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary chose for our yearly event with PawBrokers Jewelry Show, whose mantra is “Saving Animals One Party at a time.” And did we ever reach our magical pinnacles of hope, forever, love, promise and care levels for animals needing safety, care and hope for a better life.

Through the generosity of Rowan-Salisbury sponsors and shoppers, over $10,300 was raised which will continue our mission: “To rescue dogs and cats, provide health care including spay-neuter, and provide a home where they will find safety, warmth, care and love during their stay at Faithful Friends.”

Special thanks to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church which hosted our show this past weekend, and kudos to Roxanne with PawBrokers who donated time and thousands of pieces of jewelry, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Faithful Friends.

In this season of love and giving, we are grateful that many of you shared with God’s animals.

Truly, this weekend was magical.

Imagination came true!

— Julie S. Pinkston


Pinkston is a member of the Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary board.