Letters to the editor — Wednesday (11-30-2016)

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A word of thanks for the United Way campaign

On behalf of Rufty-Holmes Senior Center, I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who donated to the recent Rowan County United Way Campaign. We appreciate your generosity.

We also appreciate all the volunteers who worked so diligently during the campaign to meet the fundraising goal.

Dollars contributed by donors through the United Way assist Rufty-Holmes Senior Center, Rowan County Meals on Wheels and Trinity Living Center to provide much-needed community-based services to older adults in Rowan County. The number of clients we are serving is growing with an aging population. We need your continued support to meet these increasing needs.

— Rick Eldridge


Rick Elderidge is executive director of Rufty-Holmes Senior Center

America will benefit if Trump follows through

The politicians have policited (sic) and the voters have voted It should be obvious that President Barack Obama’s policies do not work and no one is better off after almost eight years of his presidency.

The one major objection for most politicians is that they say one thing but do another. The problem is words spoken are easier understood, but actions need interpretation. So, politicians say almost anything to please the people, but their actions are different. It’s somehow overlooked. Politicians are seldom held accountable for what they do.  We have been harmed, socially, economically, politically and severely lacking the opportunity to succeed.  The insiders, however, have continued to receive favorable treatment from government and have grown richer and government more centralized and powerful.

Trump is not a politician. Conservatism, liberalism, socialism and communism have little recognition or meaning for President elect Trump.

His life is based upon succeeding in what he attempts. He believes in winning and making right choices.

He has said he loves his country;I believe him.  He says the people, the country, not the politics should be the winners and he intends to make deals that result in furthering the best interest for the people, not the party. I believe him.

Instead of caterwauling, the left might be better off to just take Trump at his word.  If he does what he says he wants to do, how would we all not be better off?

You are not going to die from global warming. Your government subsistence check may be in danger if you are able to work. Medical insurance will be affordable since government will not be involved to screw thing up.

If you start destroying other people’s property or harming others that don’t agree with you, you may end up in jail for a while.

— Richard Roberts