Talkback: What online readers say about …

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 25, 2016

… John Hood: GOP never forgets Democrats’ past actions

As a lot of my students used to say, I am not the only one. Even though many of your accusations can’t be verified, the Republicans should do the same things you say the Democrats did wrong. Way to try to be the better man. No surprise here from the Tea Party.

— Ralph Walton

Hood points out what I’ve said time and time again. For all the shenanigans that the Democrats accuse the Republicans of doing, the Democrats are guilty of the same sorts of shenanigans. Both try to influence votes & elections. Both try to gerrymander districts in their favor. Both try to pack courts in their favor. The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. Or, as someone recently put it, both wings are attached to the same bird. People, however, are hopefully starting to realize that bird is not an eagle, but a turkey.

— Eric Shock

Please do not insult the turkey. We should be wary of the buzzard. When the vulture’s right wing is dominant, it flies in a counter clockwise circle over dead meat. A stronger left wing makes it circle in a clockwise circle over carrion. Either way, we are on its menu unless we exercise prudence, cooperation, respect, and responsibility. Happy Thanksgiving.

— Reginald Brown

Exactly, Eric! Both sides tend to forget the faults of their party. Last week: The left, “Trump won, get over it.” The right, “But he’s not my president.” Rewind to 2008: The left: “Obama won, get over it.” The right, “But he’s not my president.”

— Cathy Mahaffey

Dear Mr. Pope … I mean Mr. Hood, Democrats haven’t forgotten that the Republican General Assembly met in the middle of the night and fast tracked HB 2, costing North Carolina millions in jobs and income.

Democrats haven’t forgotten that the same Republican leadership passed “the most restrictive voting law North Carolina has seen since the era of Jim Crow.”

Democrats haven’t forgotten that Republicans chose not to expand Medicaid in North Carolina, leaving thousands of families vulnerable and without healthcare coverage.

Democrats, and apparently the majority of those who voted two weeks ago, haven’t forgotten that Pat McCrory made no effort to veto or push back against any of those legislative decisions. And by the way, when you claim that Mike Morgan may have “accidentally” won simply because of a change in pattern on the ballot, you’re assuming Republican voters did not know the names of their candidates in the first place. (Bad on them then…plenty of Republican volunteers stood at polls everywhere handing out literature that should have solved that problem.)

— Karen Puckett

… Planners OK amendment to ordinance for Abbey

Not meaning to be negative here, but if The Refuge started having “wedding after wedding after wedding,” I believe a local government issuing a citation to a church for administering the sacrament of marriage — as the church sees fit — would be a First Amendment issue, rather than a mere code issue. How long before First Baptist would also get a citation for too many weddings?

— Jeff Morris

Looks like our city is planning to become the church police. “Excuse me, ma’am, I’m with the city. Is that a Bible or a wedding guest book you’re holding?” Somebody draw me a cartoon!

— Graham Carlton

… Carrol Fisher’s family celebrates his life two days after grandson’s wedding

A beautiful story about Luke’s Dad. I’m sure the wedding was tough, but it was also a celebration of family and love, which is what Carrol was all about.

— Gay McCormack

I remember the Fisher family well. I mowed their yard on 17th Street when I was maybe 12-13 years old. That slope was a beast! Sonia always made sure I was hydrated.

Carrol accomplished so much in his life. I have great respect for the man. Saddened to hear of his passing, but what a beautiful story!

— Robin Butler

… Sheriff: Two charged with heroin responsible for supplying large amounts to Rowan

The law enforcement officers keep doing their part/job, the system keeps letting them back out.

— Jason Higgins

Dealers like these appear to show no empathy or remorse for their enabling actions.

We as a community should actively fight the war on drugs by not stigmatizing and accepting the deaths of those who are addicted but insisting on maximum sentencing for the dealers.

This will not only keep our communities safe but show support for our law enforcement officers.

— Jackie Walker

…In called meeting, China Grove shifts slightly on proposed alcohol law

As a citizen of China Grove, I try to make it to every Town Council meeting. I didn’t even know they had a special meeting planned for last night.

I’d be curious to know if the public opinion Seaford speaks of is all religious based.

— Jason Higgins

…President’s Masked Scholarship Ball nets half a million for Livingstone scholarships

So very proud of Livingstone leadership and taking the institution into the future by helping young students to obtain financial help to improve their lives, their neighborhood and their country.

God bless everyone who was a part of the Presidents Masked Scholarship Ball.

— Margaret Brown

… Five days in 1945: Saga of the USS Indianapolis

What a sad story. I hope history will remember Admiral King and Captain Naquin’s duplicitous behavior as the real villains in this story. If you victimize the already victimized, there’s a special place in hell for you.

— Noreen Keyes