Letters to the editor – Thursday – 11-17-16

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 17, 2016

Maybe divine appeal can get tobacco out of parks

Basically, at this point in time, in trying to move forward and being as transparent as humanly possible in my fruitless endeavors to bring forth a better quality of life for the citizens of Rowan County, I need to reach out and invite the 110,000 readers of the Salisbury Post to assist me in helping to rectify this situation.

That’s about the way a politician would say it. So here go some acronyms in “prayer,” dedicated to the county commissioners, with the heavy on Greg’s part.

Lord Eliminate Tobacco Smoke

Make Our Visits Enjoyable

Get Responsible Enforce Good health

Serve All Value Everyone

Outlaw Unhealthy Recreation

Let Us Never Gasp Smoke

Ashtrays Moved-out Enjoy Nature

And in closing let me borrow two more political expressions.

We do need to bring this into a “reasonableness” for all of us if you are not too far “out of pocket.”

— Whitey Harwood

Rowan County

Graffiti in our front yard?

Once again, without a public hearing, the City Council has decided to expand our graffiti park on the ill-fated city-owned lot on South Main Street.

Graffito implies there is a victim and the perpetrators are us. Amazingly, the Historic Preservation Commission approved the appropriateness and consistency with the imbricated fishscale slate cupola on the Dr. Brown Victorian cottage next door. Did they see the profanity in graffiti on the original rusticated ashlar granite wall out front?

This is not a case of NIMBY, but rather our front yard! Is this the best we can offer to show the southern entrance to our downtown? This is valuable real estate that should be marketed to developers or at least a temporary parking lot for the Empire block.

Adding trees and plants means forever, but we all know that art is fleeting. Lord knows, artistic expression is my forte, but the only one that stands to profit from this is the shopkeeper who sells spray paint in cans loaded with fluorocarbons. Can we at least relocate the “park” to the Civic Center or maybe combine it with the dog park?  Then we could all spray and neuter.

— Clyde


Change what you can

We cannot change our race or height; it’s not going to change. I can’t change how short I am. I will never be taller than 5’9” and I will always be Caucasian, but I am proud to be who I am.

We should be proud of our heritage, regardless of what race we are. In God’s sight, race or height is not important; it’s what we do with our lives. We can touch people’s lives with the way we live and help people in this hurting world. It could be going to a nursing home or feeding starving children in West Virginia. Through Jesus’ work on the cross, we can make something of our lives and succeed through his life. He has a plan for our lives and continues to reach people this Christmas season.

— Sterling Pless