Catawba students present at NC Research and Creativity Symposium

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 17, 2016

DURHAM — Catawba College was well represented at the 12th State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium on Nov. 5. The conference was hosted by North Carolina Central University in Durham.

Catawba College students from biology, chemistry, environmental science, honors, physical education, psychology and sociology programs presented their research in oral presentation and poster form. Conference registration for presenting students was provided by the provost’s office and the biology capstone classes attended the conference.

Biology, chemistry and environmental science

Senior Katelyn DeZego gave a poster presentation titled, “Broccoli glucosinate profile is critical for its anticancer activity in human colon cancer cells, mentored by Dr. S. Komarnytsky and others at the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC).

Senior Audrey Hoffman gave an oral presentation titled, “A study of host selection by the parasitic plant Cuscuta gronovii,” mentored by Dr. J. Bolin.

Junior Zachary Jones gave an oral presentation titled, “Analysis of a feral hog population in Rowan County, N.C.,” mentored by Dr. J. Poston.

Juniors Viridiana Mandujano and Karina Noyola-Alonso gave a poster presentation titled, “Identification of mycorrhizae associated with the aquatic plant Isoetes (Isoetetaceae),” mentored by Dr. J. Bolin.

Senior Taylor Parker gave an oral presentation titled, “Citrus extracts as natural larvicides against Culex mosquitos,” mentored by Drs. C. Hartwig, R. Macri and J. Bolin.

Junior Hannah Przelomski and senior Pamela Casdorph gave a poster presentation titled, “Method development of sediment analysis using DMA80 Mercury Analyzer,” mentored by Drs. C. Saner and C. Miderski.

Senior Joel Schlaudt gave an oral presentation titled “Ecological interactions between yellow-bellied sliders (Trachemys scripta scripta) and red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans),” mentored by Dr. J. Poston.


Senior Cheyenne Wilson (co-authors Emily Hoffler and Jonathan Rife) gave a poster presentation titled, “Diet analysis of an honors first year seminar class at Catawba College using stable isotope analysis,” mentored by Dr. J. Bolin.

Physical education

Junior Chad Springer presented an oral presentation titled, “An alternative form for physical education assessment,” mentored by Dr. V. Romano.


Senior Joshua Edwards, a dual psychology-sociology major, presented a poster titled, “Effects of Glucose in Chewing Gum on Memory Performance,” mentored by Dr. S. Brownlow. His research findings suggested that increased cognitive performance across a short time period (10 minutes) may be a function of perception that sugar is being administered or that some ritual is helpful to study, rather than actual glucose, which normally spikes cognitive functioning.

Junior Shannon Wright presented a poster of her study of the influence of various forms of presentation of text on memory for words in “Effects of background color presentation and word emotionality on recall of text,” mentored by Dr. S. Brownlow. The results of her study showed that recall and recognition are differentially influenced by color of word presentation and types of words, and has implications for both advertising and public safety announcements.


Senior Zachary Burroughs presented a poster titled, “Which is affected more from alcohol exposure: girls or boys?” mentored by Dr. P. May at the NCRC.