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Published 7:49 pm Thursday, November 10, 2016

… ‘I have been blessed’: Doris Jackson celebrates 39 years at Salisbury High

Thanks, Mrs Doris. She was here when I came through Salisbury High and a former neighbor in the Hills. You had to live in the Hills to get it. I am so proud that you received your flowers when you are living. Thank God for people like you. So many kids probably come through those kitchen doors looking for love, and you embrace them.

— Wendy Polk

This is so deserving. I miss seeing you each day, since I changed teaching positions, but I know the students are truly blessed to see you each day. I am also glad you received your recognition on the wonderful job you do. Stay strong and young.

— Dena Fraley Najarian

I worked with Doris at Salisbury High School and she is a joy to work with every time I am there.

— Cynthia Ann Page Arnold

… Charles Floyd receives Scenic America’s Founders Award

Yeah for Charles (and Becky) and the recognition of their important work.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Becky’s family farm and their wonderful preservation efforts, and the billboard film was interesting as well.

Good for my old friends — keep it up.

— Pat Davis

Boyden ‘53, Bay St. Louis, MS

… Livingstone celebrates 2016 Homecoming and Alumni Convocation

When you are able to celebrate 50 years out of college, it is a must to say, “Father, in the name of Jesus, thank you, Lord!” I know how this magic weekend feels. Congratulations to the Livingstone College Class of 1966.

— Yvonne Mungo-Morton

The Awesome Class of 1971, celebrated its 45th class reunion. The class contributed over $45,000 to the college. We wish to allocate 60 percent of the contribution for student scholarships, and 40 percent to the Excellence Capital Campaign. There were 67 classmates in attendance. Thanks for a well-organized 45th Class Reunion committee; this was by far the best homecoming ever. We adhere to this motto: “None of us is as strong as all of us.”

— Willie Tabor

… Election 2016: What will we have learned on Nov. 9?

I’m not as confident as you are about the outcome, but I do hope we can find our way somehow out of our hateful divisiveness. N.C. Trump supporters will decide our state’s election, and they come in two very different styles.

— Kathy Vestal

… 9-year-old collecting gently used coats for those in need

Wow, amazing what a role model this little girl is for others. I will be donating.

—June Phelps McCoy

Bella Jayde Boutique in downtown Salisbury also has a box for Kate.

— Becky Fortson Wood

Such a beautiful young lady, inside and out. She’s making the world a better place by just being herself.

— Patti Safrit

… My Turn, Fred Corriher: The trouble with Trump

An explanation by an educated, responsible citizen. Thanks, Mr. Corriher.

— Ralph Walton

Well said, Mr. Corriher, as you “hit the nail on the head.” Thank you for wise words that (many)should read and take notice.

— Kathy Graham Pulliam

How do you reconcile yourself with the fact of the millions of babies that are being killed? Her endangering our national security? …

I guess that you will be following this up with a critical article of Hillary now. Oh wait, no. You just endorsed someone that is counter to several critically important Christian beliefs.

— Jamie Kayali

Mr. Trump is such a strong Christian that he cannot quote a favorite Bible verse. His knowledge of the Bible has him calling a book “Two Corinthians” and he referred to the body and blood of our Lord (communion) as “my little wine … and my little cracker” …

I wholeheartedly support your right to back whatever candidate you want but, honestly, I have a hard time with the rationale for such support being because Mr. Trump is a Christian, or a better Christian than Mrs. Clinton. Just my opinion.

— Karen South Jones

Thank you for your frankness and eloquence and, yes, your courage to speak out.

— Edward Proctor Norvell

To each his own judgment. Neither are fit to run a country. Clinton, I see being more unfit due to her handling of some very important issues. So, with respect, I must disagree. We need change and Obama did not deliver positive change as promised . … Our choices were laid before us by a popularity contest and we will suffer for this. I just want my country back.

— Carolyn Rogers LaFevers

Such an eloquent writing. But so was Obama in his speaking during running for office eight years ago. And all we have had since his being elected to office is loss of jobs, weakening of our military, weakening us as a nation. …

— Daphne H. Duganne

Speaking only to facts, not candidates, jobless claims are at a 43-year low. As to “weakening,” I must be more subjective. I recently retired from 24 years of active duty military service. I would simply remind you that Congress approves the Department of Defense budget. The hyper partisanship in the legislative branch has been far more damaging.

— Adam Joyner

… Principal leaving Overton

North Carolina Connections Academy is so fortunate to welcome GeRita to this important leadership role. I know a number of board members and school leaders of this high-quality, caring statewide virtual school. Congratulations on another inspired hire who will work tirelessly to help students and their families.

—David Schmidt

The NCCA is an awesome institution. Nathan Currie and his staff make sure that every child’s needs are met. The Tsunami Development Literacy Program benefited from the NCCA’s mission by blessing each student with his own personal computer. I’m sure that Mrs. Walden will bring great things to table and I wish her the best.

— Chris Sifford

… McCrory, Cooper in tight race for NC governor

After the big economic turnaround in N.C., the people make this all about HB2? How disgusting! McCrory deserves to continue. Such shallow minds.

There is much more to running the state than HB2 and, as a matter of fact, McCrory did the right thing by God’s eyes.

— Carl Matthews

Fight for every vote, McCrory!

— Marilyn Loftin

… Incumbents win by comfortable margin in county commissioners race

Congratulations to Commissioner Pierce and Commissioner Caskey.

And thank you, Commissioner Pierce, for all you have done for Rowan County animal welfare in the past four years. I look forward to the next four years.

— Barbara Hart

… Trump claims astounding victory as America’s 45th president

Helllooooo, all you liberals, where are you? I guess it’s hard to post with all the tears in your eyes. Hahaha!!!!!

— Amos Moses

“When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less.” — Paul Brown (legendary NFL coach)

— Eric Shock