Letters to the editor – Wednesday – 11-9-16

Published 1:37 am Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Twilight of a tradition?

For many years I have prepared individual bags of candy for Halloween trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood.

As shown by this data (in chart at right), interest seems to have declined in recent years. Only in 2010, do I remember inclement weather on this day. All other days were crisp and cool with autumn-like evenings, with the exception of this year.

One could offer many reasons such as gas prices, fear for children’s safety or even total indifference on the part of parents. Further thought could offer other factors. I am trying to come up with a viable explanation.

Back in the “good old days,” Halloween seemed more special. Is there some sort of malaise fallen upon our society?

— W.L. Poole


Too many changes

I started subscribing to the Salisbury Post several years ago due to the increased local coverage provided over the local Concord/Kannapolis newspaper. In recent years the Post has provided less and less of that local coverage:

1. Friday night football. Numerous times there is no reporting of the Kannapolis A.L. Brown football scores, this past Saturday for example. Often if there is reporting it is obviously something gleaned from someone else’s report. (Sorry, folks who support other sports; I don’t keep up with them but I’m sure the reporting on them has gone down also.)

2. Monday there was a serious wreck on I-85 that shut down northbound traffic for hours. Was there any reporting in the Post of that?

3. And perhaps what disappoints me most is suddenly the comics are changed. Dennis and Family Circus have been removed! Like it or not, the comics are one part of the paper that is enjoyable to read.

We continue to pay our $45 every quarter for the Post, but it seems we are getting less and less value for our buck all long. And we wonder why print media is suffering

The election is finally over, so what can I expect for the next four years from the Post?

— Randy Williams


Editor’s response: You can expect a continued emphasis on local news.

Farewell, folks

I’m leaving the country no matter who wins.

— M.B. Blankenship


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