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My Turn, Randy Biggerstaff: My reasons to support GOP

Here are some personal reasons why I am a conservative Republican.

Abortion: This one is especially for Christians. Some years ago I saw a taped sonogram of a baby being aborted. The obvious agony of the child was crystal clear, as he squirmed with mouth wide open, producing silent screams only God could hear. When you vote for a political party that has sanctioned 60 million of these murders over the last 43 years, I don’t know if that’s unbelievable courage, or the blatant foolishness of spitting into the face of God, knowing you will some day stand with our Lord in Judgment Day.

Non-believers will stand separately at the Great White Throne. Who knows, maybe they can hire some of the thousands of ACLU lawyers there  to go up against God on the genocide charges. Good luck with that!

This has nothing to do with sin; I’ve sinned as much as anyone. This is about the rabid endorsement of pure evil. Jesus drew the line in the sand 2,000 years ago, in Luke 11:23. You are either for him or against him. Which side of the line will you vote from? The right side requires a straight line Republican vote. Period.

The Second Amendment, another biggie: Anyone believing that Supreme Court appointees named by Hillary will not destroy your right to defend your family and yourself is probably inhaling what Bill wouldn’t. Hillary has made it very clear that the court “got it wrong on Heller vs. D.C.,” which stated the simple fact that you have a right to keep a weapon in your home. This is not about your dad’s old shotgun; this is about the preservation of the U.S.A. Get your tail out there and vote. ‘Nuff said!

Security: Hillary wants to import at least 65,000 Syrian refugees, and thanks to Wikileaks we know she wants wide-open borders. She’s putting your family’s safety at risk to fatten the Democratic Party with votes. She couldn’t care less about the welfare of those people. It’s completely impossible to vet many of those border illegals and refugees, including terrorists. If you think the drug problems and violence are bad in this country now, put Clinton in and watch.

Hypocrisy: Trump is indeed justified with concerns over the Democrats trying to steal this election. Recent studies show that as high as possibly 90+ percent of journalists’ political contributions have gone to Hillary this election cycle. And, let’s not forget the “Banana Republic” of Obama/Clinton/Lynch/Comey letting Clinton slide on felonies that you or I would be in a dungeon cell over. Remember the Democrats’ tantrum over Bush’s 2000 win? 

Economy: This one is so simple I feel guilty writing it, but here it is in a nutshell. The Republicans believe in keeping taxes low on businesses. Those “evil rich people” don’t bury their money in the backyard. They expand, they build new factories and put thousands of people to work. Here’s the shocker: Those employees pay taxes, and in many cases create new businesses, and, that’s right, they put more people to work. It’s called capitalism.

The Democrats, on the other hand, say let’s tax the businesses and factory owners to death, and hand the money out in welfare lines. It’s called socialism. See how simple that is. And speaking about taxes, Trump is doing exactly what every other business person in the country does. He only pays what he has to, and, in doing so, has put tens of thousands of people to work with good paying jobs. If you want the Dems’ system, move to Venezuela and stand in the bread lines. Ever been hired by a poor person?

Final thought: Yes, Trump is a big mouth, has said things you probably didn’t hear in Sunday school and may have hurt your delicate sensibilities. Get over it!

Hillary has been a natural born liar all of her life, and always wiggled out of it. Here’s her big problem: She will not escape her last lie. That’s the lie she keeps telling herself that she will escape the charges on Judgment Day. We call that a rude awakening. You are either going to vote to save this great nation, or you’re going to vote for Hillary and the Democratic Party to maintain that giant Washington Swamp. So, there it is. You liberals can now sling your mud and venom  and then be on your merry way. God bless!

Randy Biggerstaff lives in Kannapolis.



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