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Letters to the editor — Sunday (10-23-2016)

Election allegations versus armageddon 

What sells more papers and boosts TV ratings? Degradation of women seems to be on top.  We are being swayed away from the truth by the smoke and mirrors of the Clinton/Obama Magical Mystery Tour.

Embraced by the media, Hollywood and overseas interests, Hillary distracts voters, particularly women, from being able to separate allegations from FACT. Which is more degrading, President Bill Clinton and his cigar trick on Monica Lewinsky in the Oval office, lying/denying to America about “that woman” until the famous blue dress with irrefutable DNA appears, or Donald Trump’s remarks?

Lying to the American people is a Clinton standard. With hand on the Bible, Hillary swore before God to tell the truth and uphold the laws of this great country but over and over she lied proving she has no respect for authority, rules, no remorse over the deaths in Benghazi, or life, as her stand that a baby is not a person until time of birth and abortion is OK until then.

Any woman who carried a child, felt that precious movement, heard that endearing heartbeat, should be infuriated.  The 10 Commandments evidently mean nothing to her. I’ve covered lying, killing, then there is stealing (using her non-profit foundation money for personal gain), adultery which Bill denied, and Hillary hoping no one remembers Vince Foster.  We only get to see the “Public Hillary.” She says you need to have two faces, one public, and one private.

Add media control over what we are allowed to see and hear and we as the voting public are completely in the dark. We need to find that moral and ethical right that made this country great — ONE NATION UNDER GOD. We need to stop allowing ourselves to be herded like sheep to the Clinton Slaughter.

— Shari L. Keller


Alarming message

I am a resident of the newly redrawn 13th Congressional District and I was surprised when Ted Budd won the Republican primary for Congress. I wondered how a small-town gunshop owner who had never held public office on any level could win over 16 other candidates, many with greater public service records and name recognition. Then I read that Mr. Budd was able to flood the media with campaign ads because he received a half million dollar donation from The Club for Growth. Since this donation essentially bought Mr. Budd the election I questioned what The Club for Growth expected in return for their investment. In my research I found this quote from Stephen Moore, the founder of The Club for Growth:

“I can say this because I’m not an elected official: The most selfish group in America today is senior citizens. Their demands on Washington are: ‘Give us more and more and more.’ They have become the new welfare state, and given the size and political clout of this constituency, it’s very dangerous. One of the biggest myths in politics today is the idea that grandparents care about their grandkids. What they really care about is that their Social Security check and their Medicare payments are made on a timely basis.”

I am a senior citizen and I am offended and alarmed. I will vote for Bruce Davis for Congress.

— Mary Frances Edens


Protect all lungs

The Salisbury Post can’t figure out “rather” to have a daily TV guide or not. They also could not figure out how to find “space” for a local news report.

On Oct. 4, the China Grove board presented a plaque to Darrell Harwood for his music accomplishments and his continuous contributions for Relay for Life and Special Olympics. A reporter was at the town hall that night, but failed to mention it in his story.

I was not at the town hall, but I was at Dan Nicholas Park for the headliner show on Oct. 1. About 15 minutes into the show people were walking out.

When they walked by me, I asked, “What’s wrong. Don’t you like Darrell?”

“Oh no! We love Darrell,” they answered. “It’s all this cigarette smoke we don’t like!”

Three times during his show Darrell had a stage full of children helping him sing and dance. It was about 40 or 50 kids having the time of their life.

Several weeks ago, I met with Amy Smith (Rowan Health Dept.) concerning smoking around children. She was so proud of the signs she had posted in the park. “Young lungs at play. No smoking zone.”

Well, Amy, with all the kids at the concert, where were your signs? What about my lungs? They are 68 years “young.” Do they count?

Don Bringle — you said you don’t see any way to enforce a smoking ban. Amy said she had more signs. Post them. Most people can read and will abide.

Bob Pendergrass — you said smoking in the park needed to stop, but your hands were tied. See if Aaron with un-tie them so you can help Amy and Don with the signs.

Greg Edds — you like to talk about improving the quality of life for Rowan. I believe you like signs, too. Here goes your chance to knock out two birds with one hammer. Nail them signs up! We all have “young” lungs. Some are just younger than others.

It is WAY PAST TIME to M.O.V.E. Make Our Visits Enjoyable.

— Whitey Harwood

Rowan County.



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