Letters to the editor – Wednesday – 10-12-16

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Christians must vote to protect their values

Once again I sense the need to write concerning the upcoming election.

To the Christians who will not be voting and to all Christians, I urge you to read the Book of Joel carefully and prayerfully. Ask God to show you the power of prayer and fasting. Also, please read Chapter 6 of Amos.

We are facing a very critical election, as some of you may realize. We face a desperate foe and we need to be desperate in our praying and fasting.

God has given us the responsibility to pray and turn the tide in our country. We are about to lose our freedom of religion as well as many other Christian values. Think about your children and grandchildren; seek the Lord for their future freedoms. Do your best to avert the tragedy of an America in bondage to communism and anti-Christian government. God bless you as you respond to His Word and His leading. We have one short lifetime to fight for righteousness and all eternity to celebrate the victories.

— Grace Womer


A top-notch bus driver

I read and enjoyed Mark Wineka’s recent article about Gary Roseborough (“I pray before I move,” Oct. 6). I am Glenn Moore, Sam Moore’s son, and remember Gary when I was growing up and spending time with him around my father’s bus garage. Dad was always very appreciative for all his employees and never took it for granted for one second.

To Gary: What an accomplishment! My dad was always proud of you, as is our entire family. Congratulations to you. Job well done and best wishes. All glory to the Lord!

— Glenn Moore