Salisbury native OK after Hurricane Matthew hits Bahamas

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 8, 2016

By Amanda Raymond

SALISBURY — A Salisbury native living in the Bahamas said the island she lives on experienced minimal to no damage after Hurricane Matthew tore through the area on Thursday.

Hurricane Matthew has been leaving a path of death and destruction since it hit the Caribbean this week.

Thankfully, the hurricane spared Ashley Maddox Knowles and her family, as well as others in Hope Town, Abaco. Hope Town is about 100 miles north of Nassau and did not experience the brunt of Hurricane Matthew’s wrath, according to Knowles.

In a Facebook message, Knowles said while the hurricane passed it was “very loud from the wind blowing through the trees and against the house.”

“Luckily, our kids slept through it,” she wrote.

Knowles has been living on the island with her husband and children for about seven or eight years. The Bahamas has seen its fair share of hurricanes over the years, so Knowles said she was not too concerned.

“We weren’t worried about our house, just for the town in general,” she said.

Another thing she was a little worried about were the boats in the marina her husband manages.

Here in Salisbury, Knowles’ father, Scott Maddox, said he was more concerned than worried. He talked with Knowles before the hurricane hit, and said she didn’t seem to be panicking.

“She’s a little nervous, as you can imagine,” he said on Thursday.

He said he and his wife, Ellen, could have been there with his daughter. Knowles just had a baby about two weeks ago and Maddox and his wife went to the Bahamas to visit. Their trip ended early when Ellen got sick and had to be transported back to the U.S. for treatment.

The hurricane hit Nassau, Bahamas, on Thursday and caused widespread flooding, structural damage and downed trees and power lines, according to the Weather Channel. According to Weather Underground, the Bahamas and Florida could feel more effects from the hurricane early next week as it loops back around.

Maddox said Knowles’ husband is from the Bahamas and the local residents know how to handle hurricane weather.

Knowles said she was thankful that she and her family were all right and asked for prayers for the areas that experienced major damage and deaths.

“It’s a long road to recovery…” she said.

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